6 essential tips for how to wear a suit

Want to look snazzy around the clock? Here’s how to wear a suit

Accessorise right

There’s no point wearing a sharp suit without a dapper shirt, tie and shoes (a suit and loafers always looks good!). Everything should be spotlessly clean and super-crisp, with accessories matched carefully to the colour and cut of your suit. If you’re choosing an interview suit, avoid patterns and bright colours, and aim for comfort: you can’t really wow an interview panel if your suit is ill fitting.


Set of classic men's clothes

Set of classic men’s clothes.


Suits you

When buying a suit, think about budget and do some research – no point falling in love with high-end men’s fashion suits if you can’t afford one. Try before you buy and take a friend along for a second opinion. Look for a perfect fit: no pulling or creases in the jacket, shoulder pads that end with your shoulders, and sleeves sitting where the base of your thumb meets your wrist.


Finding the perfect fit

Finding the perfect fit.

Tall, dark and handsome

As well as showing marks and scuffs, a black or dark suit looks iffy if the fit isn’t right: if you want to know how to wear a black suit, have it tailor made. And a lightweight fabric is a sensible choice, particularly if you’re wearing a dark suit in spring or summer.


Bespoke suit

A bespoke suit will ensure you look tall, dark and handsome.

Getting married in the morning?

Your wedding suit is a high-pressure purchase – you’ll be looking back at your wedding photos forever! So search for a classic, timeless style. For an autumn/winter wedding, a tweed wedding suit looks brilliantly retro. If you’re looking for a spring/summer wedding suit, sky blue is a great colour in a light fabric such as chambray. Have the suit carefully cleaned after the wedding to get more wear out of it at special summer occasions.


Classic yet trendy Groom's jacket

A classic yet trendy Groom’s jacket

Top tux

If you’ve been invited to an evening black tie event, it’s time to reach for the tuxedo suit (as a rule of thumb, a tux can be worn if the end time of an event is after 7pm). A classic men’s tuxedo suit is all kinds of swoon-worthy – worn well, you’ll turn every head. A slim fit tuxedo with peak lapels flatters a shorter man, making him look taller and slimmer; if you want to make the most of your height, shawl style collars look particularly debonair.


Idris Elba on the red carpet in his tuxedo

Idris Elba looking suave on the red carpet in his tuxedo.

Pristine, day and night

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