5 Tips for Dressing to Impress as a Freelancer

As a freelancer your office is wherever your laptop is! It could be the kitchen table, a coffee shop or across a boardroom table. One downside to all that freedom though is that having the luxury to dress how you like when you’re at home can create issues when you need to dress to impress.

That’s why we asked The Work Crowd – a community of professional freelancers and contractors – for their top five tips for freelancers…

Try and reflect what your clients wear
As a freelancer you learn to fit in quickly and a great way to achieve this is to mimic your audience! If you’re working for a very corporate client, wear a suit. If you work for a start-up where everyone wears shorts and T-shirts, dress more casually and swap your suit for smart trousers and a shirt. You’ll need a number of different and that will require a lot of laundry – so it’s a good thing Work Crowd members get an exclusive discount with Laundrapp!

Dress for business – even at home
It seems a shame to waste an outfit when the only people that will see you are your family and the postman, but many freelancers at The Work Crowd feel less motivated if they stay in their PJs. We suggest dressing smart even when you stay at home. Casual trousers are smart with fitted tops and dresses with leggings or tights are other popular choices. You can throw a stylish wrap over yourself if you get cold.

Dress up for Skype too
If you do happen to be wearing your PJs at home but you have a Skype meeting where your boss or colleagues will be able to see you suddenly crops up, make sure you’re smartly dressed. Don’t think that they’ll only see you above the waist either – you might have to get up for some reason in the middle of the conversation!

Dress up for events
As a freelancer it’s very important to network at events and know how helpful dressing up for these occasions can be. A smart pair of trousers, shirt and clean shoes go a long, long way. For women a skirt or dress is recommended. Our freelancers have told us that when they have been to events dressed up they always get better networking opportunities than when they are more casual. This shows that you are not just there for the free food or drinks but are serious about networking.

Take special care at interviews
For interviews we always recommend going more smart than casual. Even if you’re going to be working from home and they will never have to see what you wear, it will still make an impression on them in the interview. For a client, hiring a freelancer to work from home requires a lot of trust and by dressing up you show them that you are serious about the role.

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