5 Real Quick Tips About Storing


Make some room

Full-on spring clean? Renovating? Pest controller visit? Turning an attic space into a child’s observatory (who doesn’t want to raise a new Nobel prize winner in astronomy in the end?!) Moving house but in much tinier digs with not enough space for your possessions?

Whatever you need to do with the things you don’t have room for, we’ve just the right hacks for you!

1. Throw unwanted stuff in the tip (that’s easy, eh?)

2. Donate it to charities or shift it to your neighbours

3. Recycle (absolutely the right thing to do!)

4. Knock it off at car boots, or flog it on eBay or GumTree

5. GotBox22 it

Why GotBox22? This is the ultimate solution out there to get your stuff stored! GotBox22 is an on-demand tailor-made self-storage service everyone is talking about!

It’s a no-brainer, really, simply choose a number of boxes you require storage for and how long for, and let GotBox22 collect your stuff, store, and deliver it back to you when required. No more catch-22 situations!

What’s more, Laundrapp customers are offered by GotBox22 a special 10% discount, just visit GotBox22 website and put it to good use.