5 laundry hacks that will save you time and money

Somehow, the laundry room never gets empty and the piles of clothing just keep stacking up. It can be a tedious task but it can also cost a fair bit, in between buying detergents, stain removers and the never ending list that follows.

With that in mind, we wanted to share some of our quirky unconventional tips that will save you time and money on your laundry. 

1. The power of pepper

the power of pepper

Are your favourite bright shirts losing their pizazz in the wash? Don’t worry, we feel you. Next time, sprinkle a heaped teaspoon of black pepper over your clothing when it’s in the washing machine (before you run the load).

The abrasiveness of the pepper will exfoliate the soap residue causing your clothes to fade. Rest assured, you’ll quickly notice that the colour pigment in your clothes stays nicely intact.


2. Never wash another pair of jeans again (well almost)

Yep, you read that correctly. Washing your jeans really damages the denim, whether it’s shrinking, stiffening and even stretching the denim, the jean life cycle is massively reduced every time they go in the wash.

But how else are you meant to clean your jeans? Freeze them. I know, it sounds completely bonkers but you’ll be surprised by the results.

The lower temperature kills about 90% of the bacteria, so you can whack your pair in overnight (or in a freezer bar) and they will be odourless by the time you take them out in the morning.

That being said, if you spill your entire dinner on your jeans, well then there’s no going back from that – you’ll have to give them a proper wash.


3. Shaving cream, the secret stain remover

shaving cream the god of removal stains

Shaving creams have their uses outside the bathroom. In fact, they do a pretty good job at breaking down food and grease stains from clothing and carpets.

All you need to do is dab some shaving cream onto the stain, blot it in and leave for about an hour. By the time you get back the stain should be easy to remove with a damp towel.

*Gel based shaving product may not work as well, so we suggest white foaming shaving cream.


4. Salad spinners

A little kooky, but handy if you have a salad spinner too hand. You can’t get as many clothes into it like you would a washing machine but it’s ideal for the clothes you need to dry in a hurry.

Throw the wet clothes into your salad spinner to get most of the water out, it will help you dry your clothes quicker but you also won’t ruin them. Just be sure to hang them to dry to retain its shape.


5. Aluminium foil saves the day

aluminium foil for dryer

One of our favourite laundry hacks and a great replacement for dryer sheets. Because let’s face it they’re a waste of time and money. All you need is some aluminium foil, roll the foil into a tight ball and toss it into the dryer.

The bane of life is static cling and nobody has or wants the additional time to peel clothes apart before folding and hanging.

If you hate laundry period, you’ll notice these signs and measures you take to avoid doing the laundry.


Words by Natalie Gomez