14 Surprising Ways You’re Ruining Your Clothes

You may think you keep your clothes in pretty good condition, but you’re probably making some of these classic mistakes.

1. Start separating lights from darks

This one is fairly obvious. If you’re washing lights and darks together your clothes may result in a kaleidoscope of colours. To stop the colours running you should do your washing  in two loads, a dark load and a light load. Pretty simple.

2. You’re washing your jeans the wrong way

Turn your jeans inside out before putting them in the wash as this will help the denim looking sharp. Yes, this does apply to black jeans too!

3. No more leaving clothes in your gym bag

So you’re going to the gym and getting your sweat on, good for you, you’re looking great. Why put all that effort into looking trim and buff and then leave your dirty clothes in a bag where they can sit and stink creating a dirty haven for bacteria.

Take your gym clothes out and air them a little, then wash them. This keeps everything nice and clean and sanitary.

4. Get some air

If you get your clothes dry cleaned, maybe using Laundrapp dry cleaning, then make sure you don’t keep your clothes in the plastic bags for long periods of time because it traps humidity and does not allow air to get to your garments.

5. You’re not reading the care label

Those tags have a purpose you know. Different fabrics need to be washed in different ways and if you read the tag rather than just winging it, then you’ll definitely be able to take proper care of your clothes.

6. You’re too hot

Clothes shrink when exposed to high temperatures and it’s not just the dryer you have to think about. You don’t have to do your wash on a high temperature, lower temperature washes are a lot safer for your clothes. It’s also better for the environment, so yeah.

7. Stop folding delicate fabrics

When you fold delicate fabrics like leather or silk permanent creases can be produced, which will ultimately make you look like a square – the truth hurts. And, you won’t be able to iron them out either!

8. Stop using wire hangers

Wire hangers give your jumpers those weird bumps that are damaging to the knit. Use plastic hangers instead or, if you want to go the extra mile – felt hangers!  It’ll look so classy.

9. Don’t wash so much

Yes, it’s important to keep your clothes, and yourself, clean but some items don’t have to be washed after every wear.  You can wear a pair of jeans for ages without washing them, as long as you don’t spill anything on them or get muddy or something of that nature.

10. You leave your zipper down

You zip it up in the bathroom why not now?  You should always do up buttons, fasten hooks, and zip up everything on your stylish jackets.  This will help prevent holes and stops the item from catching on things in the machine as much.

11. Using protection is always important

We all know what I’m talking about. Shoes can be expensive so why not just buy the protection spray to keep yours robust and looking nice. A can of protective spray cost a lot less than having to buy new shoes so often.

12. Start using fabric softener

Why you ask? Well the answer is in the name. It makes fabric soft, why wouldn’t you want that for you clothes? Fabric softener can also reduce clothes wrinkling and helps prevent clothes clinging to the washing machine, if you can believe it!

We’ve learned a lot so far but these next two will be a new way of life for some and may not seem relevant to others, but you never know when this vital information might come in handy.

13. Wash your delicates by hand

This is particularly relevant to bras as putting them in a washing machine and dryer can tear the fabric, brake the straps or cause the wire to pop through the material. Hand washing can stop these things from happening and will also prevent your bras from losing shape too!

14. Don’t stuff your bras in a drawer

Just shoving them in a drawer ruins bras because it will bend the cups out of place. Try stacking them inside of each other so they can keep their shape and last longer.

So there you have it, you’re ruining your clothes without even realising it.  Now you can impress everyone when you flawlessly bring up these facts in casual conversation when you’re in or around laundry cleaning equipment.

Words by Matt Starr