13 Fashion Faux Pas Women Make That Men Don’t Get


The world of fashion is a crazy place that is always changing and evolving. It’s because of this that there is such a wonderful range of options for women to wear but maybe some items should be left in the wardrobe.

We’ve curated a list of fashion faux pas women make that men don’t understand, and who knows more about fashion than the general male demographic?


1. Pyjamas outside

We know they’re really comfy and yes they’re probably super cute as well, but there’s a time and place for pyjamas and that is when you’re at home. Stop going to the supermarket or the post office looking like you’re waiting for shower.


2. Fur


Why does an animal have to die so you can look good at a fancy gala? Yeah, we know all about those fancy galas. It looks ridiculous having a fox draped around you anyway. In this instance, don’t keep it real.


3. Enormous earrings

Earrings are great, but at a certain point it gets a little crazy. If you’ve got a couple of anchors or two hula-hoops on the side of your head, then there’s a problem. If you’re standing next to someone and you turn your head abruptly you shouldn’t be able to give them a black eye.


4. Bad fake tan

Have you been away?  More like, have you seen a doctor? Nobody is naturally that bright shade of orange. It’s understandable to want a healthy glow but when you resemble a giant highlighter you may want to reconsider the look you’re going for.


5. Super long fake nails


I’m not talking just kind of long, I mean a few inches. They’re so impractical, what happens when you need to use your phone, or wear gloves, or do anything at all with your hands? Probably be a good back scratcher though.


6. Ridiculously high heels

There’s no reason to be walking around on a couple of stilts. A regular pair of high heels is common (unfortunately) but do you need to be that far off the ground?  You’re going to break an ankle.


7. Giant shoulder pads

It’s not the 80’s anymore, we’ve learned and moved on!


8. Jewellery overload


Wearing jewellery is awesome, cool shinny and sparkly things, what’s not to like? You don’t have to go overboard with it though. If you’re starting to look like Mr. T you’ll soon be the fool he’s pitying.


9. Harem pants

These pants are a very confusing fashion item. If you’re going for the baby that needs a changing look then they’re great, but for anyone else it’s a no.


10. Track suits

Doing some exercise? Lounging around on a lazy Sunday? Then why not wear a track suit, they’re so comfortable! If you’re going on a date then maybe leave the track suit at home. It’s not an actual suit you know!


11. Clown Makeup


Wearing makeup can be really fun and provides a huge range of creative new looks! But if you’re wearing a ton of blush and bright red lipstick then you might look more ready for a rodeo then dinner with friends.


12. Mixed animal prints

As mentioned earlier fur is a no go, but fake animal prints should also be worn with some precautions. Don’t mix different animal prints, you’re not Jane of the jungle. It doesn’t prove anything anymore if you have a leopard print top and zebra print skirt.


13. Thin Leggings

There’s another word for thin leggings, they’re called tights.  People wear them with skirts and dresses not just on their own. What’s the appeal of wearing something you can easily see your underwear through and doesn’t keep you warm in the slightest? It’s bonkers.

So, that was 13 fashion mistakes that men, supposedly, hate.

But I’d like to say that in reality fashion is subjective and if you like or want to wear or do any of these things then do it! The only person you should be pleasing is yourself and if that means wearing lots of jewellery or your pyjamas outside then do it with a smile on your face. Maybe pass on the animal fur though.

Women aren’t the only ones making fashion “mistakes”, men are guilty of it too!