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“Your crumpled shirts are someone else’s problem thanks to this brilliant laundry app!” – Shortlist


“So, what’s so good about Laundrapp’s laundry app?!” We hear you cry. Perhaps it’s that placing an order is SO EASY you can do it seconds. Literally 5 seconds, we’ve timed it.

Or, maybe it’s that there’s live tracking, so you know (down to the second!) how far away your driver is. We also send helpful notifications every step of the way, so you’re never caught with your metaphorical pants down.

The best way to discover this stuff is to download the app for yourself, but as you’re here already, read on to find out more!

Key Features

Order instantly

No need to spend ages listing out every sock, tea towel or pair of pants you send us. Simply launch the app and select 'Skip item selection' at the bottom of your screen. We'll itemise your order back at our cleaning facility and send you a breakdown of the cost.

Track it

We'll send you regular updates to let you know where your belongings are in the cleaning journey. You can also follow the drivers' whereabouts on our handy little tracking map. He's behind you! ... just kidding.

Amend your order and check your history

You have the flexibility to amend your order up to 4 hours before the collection time. Your order history is stored too, so if you're a creature of habit, it's easy to re-order the same items at the swipe of a claw thumb.

Leave us a note

Is there a stain that you want to draw our attention to (we don't judge), or a grumpy receptionist you'd like us to leave your things with? Write us some instructions and we'll go out of our way to sort it.

Quick Tips

Laundrapp Quick Tips - Place an Instant Order In 3 Taps

With Instant Order there's no need to list each item, we'll simply bring two empty laundry bags for you to fill. One for laundry and one for dry cleaning. Simple!

Laundrapp Quick Tips - Shortcut to Apply a Voucher

Quickly apply a voucher within the Laundrapp app, with this nifty trick. Hint: All you have to do is shake it up! Perfect for your Rewards or Refer a Friend vouchers.

How to Iron your Shirt in 7 Easy Steps by Laundrapp

Think you really know how to iron a shirt? Watch this video to learn how to iron a shirt in 7 easy steps! Or, you could always send them to Laundrapp to sort...