5 Reasons to Professionally Dry Clean your Winter Coat

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5 Reasons to Professionally Dry Clean your Winter Coat

With the winter beginning to recede, it is important for you to dry clean your winter coat and have it packed up for the next winter. Whether it is standard ski jacket or your coat or blazer, you need to keep all of its maintained properly to wear for the coming winter season. It is a good idea to go for the services of professional dry cleaners for the following reasons.

Proper cleaning regimen
Dry cleaning service providers generally tailor a specific cleaning regimen according to the type of fabric and construction of your coat. This ensures that the cleaning process does not end up damaging the sensitive fibers of your coat and you get the outfit exactly as you wore it before. Rather than having the dress kept away without being cleaned, and stored in dust and in a closet with moths, you can get your winter coat treated properly and neatly packaged to prevent entry of pests or foreign objects.

No water damage
You can rest assured that wool and other sensitive materials used in your winter coat will not suffer any damage due to washing and rinsing in water. Dry cleaning owes its name to the fact that the cleaning process makes use of special types of organic solvents and not water for the washing purposes. These solvents ensure no damage to the fibers and supportive sensitive materials used in the lining and pockets.

Intact embellishments
If your coat has some delicate decorations and you are concerned about buttons often getting broken or lost after cleaning, you can rely on professional service providers. Once you dry clean your winter coat, delicate fibers and embellishments remain intact as before. Whether it comes to sensitive linings, antique laces or buttons your coat, you can be assured that they will stay safe during and even after cleaning.

Expert cleaning
With professional dry cleaning, you can be assured of the appearance of your coat looking as good as new. After you have got your coat cleaned, you can safely tuck your outfit in the wardrobe and make it ready to be hung there until the first sign of chilly winter. Laundrapp will deliver your coats back in plastic packaging to ensure your coat is protected from dust until it is needed again.

Fast turnarounds
Even if winter is fast approaching and you need to get your coat dry cleaned in a day or two, you can safely rely on these service providers. Professionals can dry clean your winter coat within the shortest possible time frames.

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