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What to Wear: Wedding Style Dos and Don’ts

Assuming you're not wearing a wedding dress


Let’s face it, dressing for a wedding can be tricky. Should you wear heels? What does smart casual mean? What should you wear to a Scottish or Indian wedding? There are all sorts of pitfalls and problems that you can fall into – especially now that we’re right in the midst of wedding season.

Thankfully, we look after so many wedding dresses and suits that we’ve become experts at looking good at special events – and we’re happy to share our advice…

Don’t wear white to a wedding

This might seem obvious, but you‘d be surprised. Stay away from all shades of white, light ivories and cream just to be safe. Remember that it’s not your day and it’s the bride that should be standing out, so let her have moment of glory.

Do take note of the dress code

If the happy couple have gone to the trouble of listing a dress code on their wedding invitation then make sure you follow it to the letter, both to avoid ruining the photos and also to avoid looking like a fool. No dress code? Then keep it traditional, simple and modest.

Do wear your dancing shoes

If it’s a good wedding then you’ll want to dance the night away, so make sure your shoes balance style and comfort – wedges, mid-height heels, pretty sandals and even ballet flats are all winners. If you really want to wear sky-high heels then we suggest bringing a pair of flats for later in the evening.

Don’t wear anything too revealing

Simply put, it’s not the time or place to test the boundaries of taste. Weddings may be good venues for finding love, but they’re also venues full of children and older relatives. If you wouldn’t wear it in front of your grandparents then don’t wear it in front of the bride and grooms!

Do take a safety pin in your bag

Whether it’s a dress strap that breaks or a trouser button that pops off, there’s always someone at a wedding who needs a safety pin. It’s probably a side effect of all the dancing and eating, but either way you should aim to be the hero who has a safety pin in their pocket.

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