We’ve Added Collection Charges – And Here’s Why


Need your dry cleaning or laundry done today? Then you might have noticed we’ve recently updated Laundrapp to include a small charge for some collection times.

Don’t worry – there are still free times available if you prefer. We’ve only added charges for our busiest times and we’ve kept them as small as possible.

You’re probably wondering why we’ve added these charges and how exactly they work. The last bit is pretty simple. All collection times start off available for free, but a small charge is added as demand increases. It’s sort of like surge pricing for Uber – except we never charge more than £2.50 and we automatically refund you on the rare occasions we don’t arrive on time. We think that’s only fair.

As for why we’ve added these charges now? That’s to do with fairness too.

We want to make sure you always have the best clothes at the best time for you. But what if the best time is fully booked? Adding a charge to these busy periods will help spread demand, so you have a better chance of finding a convenient time. If you need your clothes at a specific time then you’ll have a better chance of finding the perfect slot, but if you don’t mind when we arrive then collection and delivery is still available for free!

If you’ve got any questions about the new charges that aren’t covered in the FAQs then we’d love to help answer them for you. We’ve grown an awful lot over the last 11 months, but we’re a still a young company and we know it’s important to keep listening to our customers.

Want to get in touch? Email us directly at suggestions@laundrapp.com!