Westwood, Woodburn and the world… and other things you’ll learn about our Commercial Care Team!

Meet the team behind the scenes at Laundrapp in our flash Q&A. They describe how their role takes effect in the business and the favourite things they get up to in their spare time.


Meet Chris, one of our talented Commercial Care Team members. Hailing from London, he has been with Laundrapp for 7 months and describes working in Laundrapp as a forever changing adventure.

When I’m not being Commercial Care Team member for Laundrapp, I like…   Taking my time off abroad and seeing the world.

If I described my lifestyle in one word, it would be…Champagne taste on a beer bottle budget! Wait, that’s more than one 🙂

My working style is…   Thorough and fast, although it sometimes doesn’t work in my favour.

The one memory I most treasure…   Holidaying in Abu Dhabi with my mum!

The most prized garment in my wardrobe… A vintage fluorescent green Vivienne Westwood Cardigan.

I don’t like…   How in the winter, we get so little sun and how cold it is.


But I love…   Summer days in the pub with a beer soaking up the sun in the beer garden.

I’m a fan of…   Kim Woodburn!

The characteristic I most admire in others is…   Braveness and ability to stand for yourself.

My favourite hangout/place is…    Thailand and cannot wait to go back!

If I had one superpower, I would choose… Invisibility!