Wearable Technology in 2017

Yes, we’re well into the new year now, and if you haven’t already dropped or accidentally flung those flash Christmas presents (or Black Friday scalps) on your wrists then you’ll feel better about reading our hand-picked tech phenomena we expect to blow-up this year, following on from last week’s 7 Awesome Things Right Now. The first one’s obvious, really.

1. Apple Watch 2/Samsung Gear 3/Sony SmartWatch 3

Laundrapp blog post on wearable technology apple watch

[see also]…Moto 360 (2nd Gen), Asus ZenWatch 3, Huawei Watch, LG Watch Urbane, Tag Heuer Connected.

All the major smartwatch brands are bigger and better for 2017, boasting incredible specs which will leave you unsociably checking the time at every dinner party you attend. Besides a clock and instant notifications beamed over from your accompanying smartphone, the new models now allow you to Google search ‘cats’ using your voice, track your workout over GPS, and even lets you check-out at the supermarket.

Despite the odd few, including the Apple brand, displaying themselves as ‘water-resistant’, it’s best not to let this one loosen into your washer. There won’t be enough Uncle Ben’s in the world to salvage that one.

2. Hearables

Laundrapp blog post on wearable technology hearables

It’s more smart work from Apple and Samsung but this time they’re joined by Bragi, Bose and Jabra in the charge for the top ‘hearables’ on the market. There’s more to it than just listening to music, you know? Like the aforementioned watches, they, too, track your fitness, and it’s also becoming the favourable place to activate AI’s such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. BUT that’s not even the impressive part. Tech start-up, Pilot, reckon real-time language translation will boom this year. Si Por Favor.

Don’t let your new best friend drown in the wash.

3. LVL

Laundrapp blog post on wearable technology lvl-band

We’re all told we aren’t drinking enough water, so, because it’s important, LVL’s here to tell you again. Beyond typical heart-rate checking, this nifty wrist gadget monitors hydration by measuring how much you’re sweating, encouraging you to keep your fluids topped up. It won’t just benefit those interested in fitness, though, day-to-day activities in the sun causes many a perspiration, so this piece of tech also aids those prone to heat stroke and general dehydration.

By all means, don’t hydrate the band itself by flinging it in on Eco-time.

4. Stress busters

Laundrapp blog post on wearable technology thync relax band

“Thync’s new Relax wearable killed my stress in 10 minutes”

Introducing the mini brain and neck massager you’ll see everyone rocking after a long day at work. The Thync Relax (other brands such as Prana, Muse and Spire are also available) couldn’t come soon enough after such a stressful 2016. The biometric, easily-attachable piece is something we expect to see a lot of to bring those stress levels down this year. It’s reported Apple and Fitbit have been looking into similar ventures for 2017.

5. Project Soli

Laundrapp blog post on wearable technology soli

If all the above wasn’t techy enough for ya, then this gem from the future will definitely have you feeling closer to iRobot than ever before. You know in the film when Detective Del Spooner and co. are moving screens on their wrists without physical contact? Soli, driven by Google, is a new sensing technology that recognises touchless gesture interactions. The chip in question can be embedded into numerous devices, spelling the end of those smudged screens. Fancy, huh?