Things to do in London, Birmingham & Edinburgh

Did you know, the average person in the UK spends five hours per week doing the washing? That’s a lot of sorting, ironing, drying and folding – a lot of time that could be spent having fun or relaxing instead of doing laundry or dry cleaning!

Laundrapp saves you that time by collecting, cleaning and delivering your laundry and dry cleaning for you. We save you an average of five hours per week, which is why we highlight the best things to do in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh with the time you save. This week, we’ve got a selection of educational events in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh…


Fancy learning a new romantic and energetic skill this weekend? Salsa may be just the ticket – and new condensed courses are now available at Walmley Social Club in Sutton Coldfield. Ideal for beginners, classes are provided by Uksalsafeet and spaln the entire weekend, giving you a comprehensive introduction to ‘the best and most social dance form ever invented’.

cycling-sq Edinburgh

Whether you want to learn how to ride a bike or just learn more about cycling communities, there’s tonnes to do this month in the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling – and this weekend is no exception. There are films on, talks about cycling and the law and workshops for both families and adults that will teach you more about cycling in the city.



Want to learn how to knit? Worldwide Knit in Public Day presents the ideal opportunity this weekend and promises ‘better living through stitching together’. Drop by on June 13 to take part in classes about knitting, crochet a variety of community items or just hang around and marvel at all the pretty coloured fabrics!


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