5 Unusual Uses Of Household Products

When you think of laundry products you’re probably only ever thinking about detergents, softener and stain removers. In reality, they can be quite pricey and they’re often not needed, especially when there’s a range of household products that can be used for laundry loads and emergency stains.

And as strange as they may sound, they do the job just as well!

1. Artificial sweeteners

sweetener v2

We’ve all experienced those stubborn grease stains, whether it’s been whilst cooking or even when you’re out at a restaurant – they’re a nightmare. A quick fix for this is to dab at the stain with some artificial sweetener and watch the grease get absorbed.

2. Shampoo

Shampoo is designed to breakdown body oils in your hair so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it has the same effect on clothes. The shampoo will work as a detergent and can be quite effective when it comes to cleaning shirt collars or hand washing underwear.

3. Dish soap

soap v2

We all buy detergent but a cheaper alternative is to use dish soap. You’ll use less of it than you would detergent because too much will become foamy and overflow. Generally you can use one teaspoon for a small load, two for a medium load and three for a big load.

4. Cola

It may sound absurd but it works! Next time you get a blood or grease stain soak it in some cola. Cola contains carbonic and phosphoric acid which will break up the stain and leave your clothes stain free.

5. Vinegar

vinegar v2

We’re not talking about the vinegar you put on your chips, instead, you’ll need white distilled vinegar as it can soften, whiten and even reduce odors without using any harsh chemicals. The amount used varies on the results you want.

Now you know all these techniques are you going to try any? If you do, or have any funny stories from doing them in the past, let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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 Words by Matt Starr