The Secrets of Airbnb Hosting

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Want a little help getting started on Airbnb? Whether you use Airbnb, Housetrip or any of the other services out there, these expert-level Airbnb strategies will help you turn your extra space into a great earner, easy peasy.

Beat the market

It can be hard to get a booking without good reviews, so start by undercutting the rest of the market to get initial bookings in. Once you’ve got some positive reviews under your belt then you can raise the rate in line with the rest of your neighbourhood – and still have great reviews testifying to the great value you offer.

Fill in your profile

Airbnb is a social service. This means you need to keep your profile up to date. Get a real photo of yourself and add a few words about who are you and what you enjoy. A filled out profile helps remind people you’re a thinking breathing person – that’ll help you get bookings.

Focus on the short term

It’s a pain to check in short term guests, but the best shortcut to Airbnb success is to take lots of short term stays. More guests in less time means more reviews, which makes your property look better. There’s also some evidence that Airbnb’s algorithm for search takes into account how many guests book over how long guests stay for, so shorter is better.

Respond to messages

Airbnb keeps track of your response rate and shows this on your listing. A high number makes you look good and helps your search rankings. Bear this in mind even if you’re space isn’t available – a friendly ‘sorry, we’re fully booked’  will protect your response rate and stop guests wasting their time, too.

Focus on amenities

A hair-dryer, clean towels and shower gel are all things you should provide. If you have these it means guests don’t need to pack them, and before you know it you’re saving potential guests packing room. Aren’t you nice?

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