The Best Halloween Events in London

Halloween is coming. It’s inescapable at this point, considering that everyone’s local newsagent is filled with spooky sweets (how do you make a sweet spooky? Who knows.), face paints, and bright orange plastic pumpkins. But once you’ve made use of all of this stuff, how will you show yourself off? It’d be a shame to be all dressed up with no place to go.

Fortunately, our friends at Wonderush are on the case. They provide their members with access to unlimited things to do in London for £29 a month, and are therefore definitely the people to ask about what’s happening around town. We hit them up for a list of suggestions…

  1. The Coffin Dodgers Halloween disco – This party is very firmly closed to those aged under 28, but promises to be a good night without all those whippersnappers with their texting and Tindering. The age limit is a good thing – not only do those inside enjoy it more, but those 27-year-olds left outside in the cold can enjoy the feeling of youth again.
  2. The Woman in Black – Yes it’s been around for ages, and yes there’s a film now with a very handsome Daniel Radcliffe, but The Woman in Black is still a classic. There’s just something about being in the same room as the scary things. There’s atmosphere, people screaming and effects you can’t quite believe aren’t actually done by ghosts.
  3. The Prince Charles Cinema – If movies are more your bag then chances are the Prince Charles cinema has something you’ll be into. Their offerings on Halloween range from Rocky Horror singalongs to a classic horror movie all-nighter. Frights and fun guaranteed!
  4. Shadow Over Shoreditch – Created by one of our favourite partners, Shadow Over Shoreditch is an immersive adventure. You and your friends must form a team and defeat the forces of evil before it’s too late. It’s all very well to sit and watch a scary movie on Halloween, but how about trying to make your way out of the live action version?
  5. Thriller Dance Classes – There’s nothing better than busting out a full-on Thriller Dance. We’re not talking about a couple of moves that look like what dance should be – we’re talking about the whole shebang. It’s the kind of thing that loads of people believe they can do, but not many people actually can. Become one of the people who actually can.
  6. The Halloween Raveyard – The vaults under Waterloo are a creepy place at the best of times. If nothing else, there’s the fact that they have a history of being used to store dead bodies. Now they’ve been transformed into the venue for one creepy-as-hell Halloween party. Spooky.

Wonderush is a subscription service offering access to hundreds of handpicked things to do, all over London, for £29 a month. They are offering you the chance to get your 30% off your first three months – just use Wonderush voucher code LAUNDRAPP30.