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Jack de Montaignac on: 3 Technologies that Enabled Laundrapp to Disrupt a Traditional Industry

As the digital transformation of everything gathers pace, every aspect of our lifestyle is evolving, and businesses have been struggling to catch up with the increasing demands of their consumers. We can now hail a cab, book a weekend break, secure a restaurant table, and even a date, all with a few swipes of our smartphone.

In our homes, we are increasingly using our voice to manage our home heating, lighting, and entertainment. Although the rate of change is moving at breakneck speed, the inconvenient truth for businesses is that it will never be this slow again. In order to survive in a new digital era, businesses across all industries are now faced with a simple choice, adapt or die.

The warning signs can be seen on the shopping high streets in the UK where traditional stores that were too big to fail, such as Mothercare, Toys ‘R’ Us, and BHS, have disappeared. Even Marks & Spencer was forced to admit that its online operation is not fit for a digital age.

Sure, the usual suspects such as Uber, Just Eat, Airbnb, and Netflix have transformed the sexier end of the market. However, anyone who works in the corporate environment will tell you that queuing up in a shop to hand over your dry cleaning and have to make a separate journey a few days later feels like a cumbersome process that has no place in the digital world.

Businesses convince themselves that it’s too complicated to “do an Uber.” But when we set out to create a digital revolution in laundry & dry cleaning, we discovered it was much easier than many realise. By leveraging our proven technology, we were able to ignite the digital potential of any existing laundry & dry-cleaning business.

Armed with a cutting-edge suite of three technologies, we are able to guarantee the collection, cleaning, and delivery back to customers in over 100 towns and cities making Laundrapp one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. But what is our secret sauce? What are the three technologies that make it so easy?

1.    Laundrapp

Although we are living in a mobile-first digital age, many aspects of the media seem to focus on app fatigue. Sure, nobody wants a phone full of apps that they don’t use, but the trick is to make it valuable to the user. You need to solve a real problem and make the user’s life easier, and this is what differentiates an app from the millions of others in the app store.

In the same way that Uber can get you a ride home when you need it most, with Laundrapp, we ensure that it only takes seconds to place an order and have your dry cleaning or laundry taken care of, so you can get back to prioritising your busy lifestyle.

2.    Laundrapp Drive

Drive is the part of our business that customers don’t see but is crucial to our success as a company. For our customers, it’s the experience we provide that is paramount, and this is what sets us apart from a trip to the high street.

The ability to manage an entire fleet of drivers in real-time across the country has helped us increase fleet efficiency by an incredible 50%. Do you think that traditional dry-cleaning companies have the resources to focus on delivering these real improvements? This is why technology is critical in removing pain points and providing customers with a seamless experience.

3.    Laundrapp Pulse

Pulse is our sophisticated logistics and management tool. But it also features full epos system integration, which again is critical in ensuring that we deliver on our promises. The admin console removes hassles by managing orders, billing, and other activities.

These three technologies are the backbone that has enabled us to open up our platform to entrepreneurs and global companies by licensing the Laundrapp platform for international laundry & dry-cleaning partners.

Traditional brands across multiple industries have been famously slow to embrace advances in technology, and it resulted in business failure. Whether you see that as a challenge or opportunity in the multi-billion-pound industry will depend on if you have a legacy or future mindset.

The UK continues to be a great place to not only build a tech company but expand it on a global scale too. These are just a few reasons why we also see opportunities rather than challenges when rolling out the licensing of the Laundrapp technology worldwide.

If you are interested in learning how to leverage our technology to bring your vision to life and unlock the digital potential of any new or existing laundry & dry-cleaning business, visit poweredbylaundrapp.com or contact me directly licensing@laundrapp.com

Written by Tom

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