Today, Laundrapp – the British start-up revolutionising laundry with on-demand dry cleaning services – launches an innovative underwear-tracking device to enable customers to monitor the whereabouts of their smalls as they head off to the laundry.

SOK map

Laundrapp SOK will solve the eternal problem of odd socks with a small geolocator clip which customers attach to the cuff of socks before sending them off to the wash.

The clips are wash proof in a 90-degree cycle and are made of rubber so they can withstand spin speeds of 1600rpm and drying temperatures of 140 degrees.

Customers can track their socks as they make their way across towns and cities in the UK and even plot when they hit the machines and when to expect them back, using Laundrapp’s tracker which shows little socks en-route.


Easy to attach


SOK was developed following a 2016 scientific report which found that Britons lose an average of 15 socks a year costing them more than £2,528 ($3,645) per person over a lifetime. Scientists found that the larger the wash, the greater the chance of loss and so Laundrapp challenged its R&D team to minimise the risk to their customers and SOK was born.

“It’s not just socks,” says Edward Relf, Laundrapp CEO and wearer of Burlingtons. “We’ve designed the clips so that Sok can be used for knickers, boxers, bras and even Spanx. There’s no excuse for stranded smalls with this clever little device.”


Sok will be available to Laundrapp customers from 1st April 2017. Visit for details.