Mandela, music and monkey feet… and other things you’ll learn about our growth marketing executive!

Meet the team behind the scenes at Laundrapp in our flash Q&A. They describe how their role takes effect in the business and the favourite things they get up to in their spare time.

Meet Sean, our growth marketing executive. Hailing from Edinburgh, he has been with Laundrapp for 1 year (in two weeks!).

sean cycling BLOG SIZE

I am…  My role in Laundrapp is trying to better understand our customers and work out how to spread the word, whether it is shouting from the rooftops or using digital marketing channels, my job is to help Laundrapp grow.

When I’m not being a growth marketing executive for Laundrapp, I like…   Travelling, music festivals, running, but mostly eating myself into a coma while watching Netflix.

If I described my lifestyle in one word, it would be…  Think-outside-the-box.

My working style is…   Headphones on, in the zone. Constantly battling with the ever growing to-do list

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The one memory I most treasure…   Will never forget when my friend got chased through a field by a heard of cows… He hasn’t been able to go hiking since.

The most prized garment in my wardrobe… Colourful bucket hat… Can’t wear in public but too good to throw away.

The weirdest talent I have is…   I have monkey feet that can turn lamps on and off.

I don’t like…   Spiders, people picking fingernails in public, spending hours weekly sat on the tube.

But I love…   Cracking my neck and all other bones, the movie Step Up 2 and beating all other Laundrapp employees at ping pong.

I’m inspired by…   Nelson Mandela.

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The characteristic I most admire in others is…   Selflessness. Also creativity – always love talking to people who love to push boundaries and innovate.

My favourite hangout/place is…    South Africa (not really a hang out but I want to go).

If I had one superpower, I would choose… Flying. Too cliché?