Manx-connection, Melpomene and ‘Mysterious Girl’… … and other things you’ll learn about our Customer Care team!

Meet the team behind the scenes at Laundrapp in our flash Q&A. They describe how their role takes effect in the business and the favourite things they get up to in their spare time.

Peter desk BLOG SIZE

Meet Peter, one of our talented Customer Care team members. Hailing from the Isle of Man, he has been with Laundrapp for 3 months and describes working in Laundrapp as a ‘load’ of fun! (Get it… laundry load? Ah, never mind…).


I am…  Originally from the Isle of Man where there are about 88,000 people and one McDonald’s (the queue for nuggets at 3am on a Saturday night is unreal!).

When I’m not being a Customer Care representative for Laundrapp, I like…   Performing on stage! I’m a trained actor and particularly love singing so often get involved in musicals around London.

If I described my lifestyle in one word, it would be…  Theatrical.

My working style is…   To stay calm under pressure and to provide each customer with the best service possible (great banter included free of charge!).


The one memory I most treasure…   My nana and granddad taking it in turns to read me bedtime stories when I stayed with them every Christmas holiday in Liverpool.

The most prized garment in my wardrobe… My wide collection of bowties! The American flag one gets some strange looks though – I have to put on a Californian accent when people ask about it.

The weirdest talent I have is…   Being able to nap anytime, anywhere – sleeping is the best!

I don’t like…    Canned tuna.

But I love…   Hamburgers! I once ate 5 burger over the space of a weekend – my friends made me a ‘King of Burgers’ t-shirt.


I’m a “closet” fan of…   Peter Andre (‘Mysterious Girl’ speaks to me on so many different levels…).

The characteristic I most admire in others is…   Having a sharp sense of humour, particularly puns as I am hopeless with them.

My favourite hangout/place is…    Simmons Bar in Fitzrovia! (£10 bottles of wine, what’s not to love?).

If I had one superpower, I would choose… The power to control time! I could nap all day long but not a second would go by!