Chihuahua, Carrie and Christian Louboutin… and other things you’ll learn about our Office Manager!

Meet the team behind the scenes at Laundrapp in our flash Q&A. They describe how their role takes effect in the business and the favourite things they get up to in their spare time.


Meet Jo, our Office Manager. Hailing from Warwickshire, she has been with Laundrapp for 1 year and 3 months and describes working in Laundrapp as a non-stop yet amazing place to work!

When I’m not being Office Manager for Laundrapp, I like…   Spending time with my Chihuahua Frank.

My working style is…   Perfectly organised in a confused kind of way.

The one memory I most treasure…   Watching my Mum accidentally walk in wet cement and lose her boots!

The most prized garment in my wardrobe… My Christian Louboutin’s, one step closer to having the wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw.

The weirdest talent I have is…   Being able to do the ‘live long and prosper’ sign, but better than others can.

If I described my lifestyle in one word, it would be…Busy.
But I love…   Shopping.

I’m inspired…   By Carrie Bradshaw. I mean it, one day I will have her wardrobe 🙂
Graduation day!

The characteristic I most admire in others is…   Optimism – always a glass half full!

My favourite hangout/place is…    At my dad’s, there’s nothing better than home comforts.

If I had one superpower, I would choose… To be able to fly, I’d love to visit every single country in the world.