Now Available: Decide at Your Door with Laundrapp


Laundry hampers are strange things. They come in all shapes and sizes, from wicker baskets to awesome shark-shaped boxes. Some people put them in their bedrooms, others in the bathroom and we’ve heard all sorts of names for them too, from baskets to bags to billies.

To some customers though, they can be a real pain in the neck. We’ve heard from plenty of you who hate having to count your dirty items before you order – and we don’t blame you. You should leave all that dirty laundry to us, right?

That’s why we’ve made hamper-related pain a thing of the past by giving you the option to decide at your door what needs cleaning. Now you don’t need to rummage through your hamper to give us an item-by-item count beforehand. Laundrapp has become more flexible than ever before!

Deciding at your door really couldn’t be easier. Just book a collection as normal and, when your Laundrapp Agent arrives, give him any items you want. Suddenly drowning in dirty shirts? We’ll take all that you have. Changed your mind about getting your towels done? No problem, you keep them.

Whatever you give us, we’ll take care of it – as much or as little as you want. Easy.

We won’t leave you in the dark either. We’ll count everything, check the care labels and if there’s any doubt about how to clean it then we’ll get in touch. We’ll also send you an itemised email so you know your things are safe and sound too.

It’s that simple. You can even book a collection time with nothing at all in your order, then hand your entire laundry hamper over to us at the door. We won’t take the hamper (we’ve got enough), but we’ll take care of everything else.

Your move, laundry hamper.