Never Leave The House With These 9 Apps

The world is a scary place and going outside is overrated. You know what isn’t overrated?  Staying indoors… all the time. And with the invention of the smart phone and all the wonderful apps they provide, we no longer have to go outdoors, the world can come to us instead!

So we’ve created a list of apps which will allow you to successfully never go outside ever again.

1. Ocado


First and foremost, you’re going to need food. Instead of mindlessly walking around shopping isles you can now do your weekly shop with Ocado.

Just go through the app selecting everything you need and Ocado will deliver right to your door. The app will even remember your shopping orders and send you offers you might like.

Image credit: Ocado


2. GoFantastic On Demand Services


You are also going to need to keep your place clean as you’ll be spending a lot of time with the same four walls.

This is where GoFantastic On Demand Services comes in – you can hire a range of cleaning and handyman services so you can keep your home tidy and in good condition.


3. Dr Now


Hopefully you’ll be eating a semi-balanced diet, and living in a clean environment, but you may still get sick.

No need to worry though because with Dr Now you can have a video consultation with a fully qualified GP while you’re lying sick in bed. Your medication can be delivered to you too!

Image credit: Dr Now


4. Amazon


This is an obvious one.  You’re going to need supplies and everything you’ll ever need is on Amazon.


5. Nike+ Training Club


Just because you’re not actively going outside anymore doesn’t mean you have to stop being active in general.

Nike+ Training Club has a variety of workout and personal training routines to help keep you in good health.  It’ll probably advise you to go outside but don’t, just don’t.

Image credit: AKQA (Nike+ Training Club)


6. Netflix


You’re going to need some source of entertainment so why not watch a mind melting amount of television and films. Who needs the great outdoors when you can watch Arrested Development.


7. Deliveroo


You may have your weekly shop sorted but sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself.

Deliveroo allows you to order food from your local restaurants. Once you place the order, you’ll get an estimated time of arrival, and you can sit back and wait for a Deliveroo agent to arrive to your door. Who said you had to go anywhere to experience these things?


8. Skype


Community and relationships with others is important for every human being and you don’t have to lose this integral part of life because, you know, Skype is a thing.

Call and chat with your friends and family so you can continue to stay in the loop and learn all the fresh gossip. I mean did you hear what Roy did? I can’t believe it either.


9. Laundrapp


So far you are sorted for food, communications and entertainment but what about all your dirty clothes?

You don’t want to start smelling bad and fill your home with dirty laundry, it’ll be hard to move around after a while. With Laundrapp you can order a range of laundry and dry cleaning services and they’ll collect, clean and deliver your clothes back to you!

There you have it, everything you’ll ever need right on your phone…

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Words by Matt Starr