London Halloween Highlights

There’s an eerie chill in the air and the leaves are falling off the trees as the undead slowly rise from their slumber. Wait, what? That’s right, lock up your doors and don’t go near any basements – the monsters are coming out and play!

Yes, it’s almost Halloween, so have those costumes at the ready because we’ve compiled a list of some of the spookiest and scariest events that London has to offer.

RoofGardens1 v2

1. Halloween Special @ The Roof Gardens

Do you dare get lost in haunted gardens, 100ft above Kensington High Street? London’s only rooftop private members club is pulling off all the stops with this Halloween spooktacular event. Dress to scare, sip on gruesome cocktails and let loose to spine-tingling tunes.

When: 28th- 29th October

Where: Kensington

Price: From £20

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2. The Dark Circus Party Halloween Special

If you want to embrace the dark side this Halloween, then you’ll be happy to hear The Dark Circus is in town. Enjoy amazing performers and even head to Miss Marguerite’s painted wagon for a macabre makeover. There’s a strict dress code, so dust off your top hats and corsets before you go.

When: 29th October

Where: The Grand Hall

Price: From £30

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3. Fear In The Dark

If you’re a fan of Sheridan Le Fanu, Edgar Allan Poe or HP Lovecraft then you will have a truly mesmerizing evening of storytelling at Abney Park. Pandemonium Performance are back for their second anthology show and they’re ready to bring the shock factor. We don’t want to give anything away but the show and location will keep book lovers and Halloween aficionados happy.

Where: Abney Park, Stoke Newington

When: 20th – 31st October

Price: £12.10

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4. The Glam Clam’s Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Dining Experience & After Party

The Rocky Horror Picture Show oozes Halloween and fans of the film will love this event. There’s a complimentary cocktail reception for anyone in costume, a Rocky Horror inspired menu and a number of Rocky Horror live performances, what more could you ask for?

When: 27th/28th/29th October

Where: The Clapton Country Club

Price: From £45

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HorrorFestival v2

5. London Horror Festival

This isn’t just an event it’s a three-week-long festival! There are over 20 shows to choose from and there’s A LOT of variety. If you’re interested in horror theatre, LGBTQ cabaret, magic and so much more than you’ll want to spend a day or two at the Horror Festival.

When: 10th- 30th October

Where: The Old Red Lion Theatre, Angel

Price: Depends on the show

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DeliciousDecay v2

6. Delicious Decay

Fancy some sherbet ‘cremains’ or skeleton shortbread? You’ll need an iron stomach because this event is all about learning the process of bodily decay. You can also learn about ‘body farms’, cannibalistic rituals and ‘cadaver dogs’ over the two-days. Definitely not one for the squeamish.

When: 28th– 29th October

Where: Barts Pathology Museum

Price: From £10.99

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TwistedCircus_Shutterstock v2

7. The Twisted Circus

Expect the unexpected because the Twisted Circus is like nothing you’ve ever seen. They control everything you see and hear so be ready for some surprises. Their weird but wonderful circus will be your entertainment for the evening, but should you be brave enough to watch, you’ll see a human wax show, freak shows, and fire breathers.

Where: Rah Rah Room, Soho

When: 29th October

Price: £25

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TheMansion v2

8. A secret Halloween Ball

Music, live performers and amazing artwork, the Halloween Ball has it all. If you want to dance the night away, then you can make use of all three dance floors and if that’s not enough there’s also multiple entertainers and performers to take your breath away.

Where: Secret location revealed to ticket holders 48hrs before the event

When: 29 October

Price: £24

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StrangerThings v2

9. Stranger Things Themed Halloween Party

If you loved the show or have a soft spot for 80s sci-fi then this is the event for you. Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen are celebrating the show with Christmas lights and ‘Stranger Sour’ cocktails, so all you need to do is cycle there for the truly authentic experience. Warning, there be some spoilers.

When: 29th October

Where: Hoxton Square

Price: £5

Sci-fi fun within arms reach 


Photography by Daniel Lewis/ Thorpe Park

10. Thorpe Park Fright Night

Ok, we know it’s not technically in London but it’s close enough and Thorpe Park’s Fright Night is worth the journey. There are now six walkthroughs and live action mazes all designed to terrify anyone daring enough to enter. If those don’t finish you off, you can always go on some of the park’s most frightening rides, including SAW, Stealth and THE SWARM.

When: 21st– 31st October

Where: Thorpe Park, Staines

Price: Varies on date and time

Image credit: Thorpe Park

Get your fright on at Thorpe Park 

If these don’t have you quivering in your boots, then you’re a liar or some kind of ghost?  In any case, there’s a lot of fun to be had at these events so make sure to book now!


Words by Matt Starr