Lazy vs relaxed

lazy vs relaxed, woman procrastinating
Good procrastination?

Can being lazy compare to being relaxed?

It can’t, you may argue, but we think that it actually can. Well, if the former is not a physical activity but, for instance, reading, flicking through TV channels, browsing the Internet, or just thinking or daydreaming, and hence can be classified as the “good” kind of procrastination, then definitely yes!

We believe that lazying around with a book or magazine, binge-watching David Attenborough’s documentaries or thinking of ideas while relaxing not only broadens your knowledge (where else from would you find that the sperm whale’s brain is the largest of any modern or extinct animal, weighing on average about 7.8 kilograms (17 lb), and more than five times heavier than a human’s?!), but also helps you with the following:

– You might get an inspiration to do something you’ve never done, go places you’ve never been to, or realise you really want to do something else with your life and start doing just that

– You might get an energy boost after all the dilly-dallying and work faster (you won’t need those bad-bad energy drinks!)

– The stress of a looming deadline might trigger you to (finally) focus and (eventually) create some great stuff

– It has also a huge psychological effect: if you constantly doubt yourself or what you do, or simply have low self-esteem, you’ll have less time to second-guess yourself

OK, you can go now to the kitchen and make yourself a third (your last for today, promise?!) cup of tea before getting your brain into gear, and if you want to learn some benefits of procrastination that are just too good to do without, we’ve found a great article to help you.

lazy vs relaxed, baby
Bad procrastination, NOT!

Also, there are people who think that being lazy is just a form of relaxing off work with friends, family and loved ones. These believe that procrastination is simply not an option and they need to maximise every second of their free time. If you’re one of them, there are lots of physical activities (including hiking, cycling, camping, to name the few), events, festivals and cultural happenings.

Not sure if you fancy to watch an open-air film, explore your neighborhood on a walk, take a swim in an outdoor lido pool, or just get squiffy at a rooftop bar (be careful on the roof though!) catching up with friends you’ve not seen in years, you are allowed to dither to decide on an option. Just don’t take ages, all right?!

Last but not least, whatever you get up to, you can certainly relax while Laundrapp takes care of your washing, ironing and dry cleaning!