Laundrapp supports #HelpDean

Like any start-up, we pride ourselves on moving quickly anddoing as much good as possible. That’s why, when model and Laundrapp customer Vanessa Knowles told us about the #HelpDean campaign, we jumped on it as fast as we could!

#HelpDean is a campaign to raise money for Dean, a homeless man in London who is affected by cerebral palsy. Dean has been homeless on and off for the last five years – but Vanessa is determined to change that. She’s started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money to help Dean get back on his feet.

Vanessa’s campaign has already shot past the initial £1000 target, but it’s not slowing down there and Vanessa is now aiming for a £6000 raise to help Dean out. And we’ve decided to help out.

For the duration of the #HelpDean campaign we’ve created a special promotion. You can get 25% off your Laundrapp order and donate to #HelpDean at the same time. Just use the code HELPDEAN we’ll donate £1 every time you do!

How much will our final figure reach? It’s completely up to you!