Laundrapp Raises £5 Million for International Expansion


We’ve had a very busy year so far, at Laundrapp. We’ve launched in 100 cities across the UK, we’ve celebrated our first birthday and we’ve also added new services such as Live Chat to the app too. But that’s just for starters.

In fact, all those previous announcements pale in comparison to our latest news – we’ve just raised £5 million in new funds that will help us expand Laundrapp even faster and take our business to the next level!

£5 million is a lot of money, but we want to make sure we spend it all building the best possible service for our customers. Over the next few months you can look forward to new features, more availability and even wider coverage than ever before. We’re tremendously excited about what the next few months will bring!

This year we’ll even grow Laundrapp beyond the UK as we strive to turn our award-winning laundry service into the world’s best.

“It’s been an incredibly exciting time for Laundrapp,” said Edward Relf, Laundrapp CEO, in the official announcement released today.

“Our rate of growth has been tremendous and, despite uncertainties about the general economic climate in the UK, our business has never been more popular. Laundrapp is a massive British start-up and soon it will be a global success story!”

Of course, this announcement is just the latest in a string of good news lately. It’s also further proof that Trade Finance Global were right to name us one of the Top Companies to Watch in 2016, so make sure you follow us on Twitter or Facebook to find out more about out Laundrapp and how we’re taking the world by storm.