Laundrapp CEO, Ed Relf, on Global Expansion

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So Laundrapp is going international? How will it work?

We created Laundrapp from the start as a highly scalable technology platform. When we launched initially in London, and then later over 100 towns and cities across the UK, we did know one day we’d want to internationalise the business, well that day has come.

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In the UK, Laundrapp has grown at a rate we didn’t think possible. Fundamentally, this has been driven by smart convenient technology, great service and scalability of the Laundrapp Platform. The laundry and dry cleaning industry is a global multi-billion pound industry ripe for a digital revolution and I’m pleased to say Laundrapp is now ready to disrupt it, globally!

The success in the UK carved an obvious path to global expansion and licensing our technology has proved the best way for us to reach a global audience. I am thrilled to see how receptive global partners have been to our technology, the industry understands it must innovate to grow and Laundrapp is the perfect technology to reach this new digital savvy millennial market.

Which countries’ markets are you expanding to?

Australia and New Zealand are now live and we’re are in negotiation with 50+ other partners for 30+ countries around the world all to go live over the next 12 – 24 months. Our technology is infinitely scalable and I believe Laundrapp will become the default technology that will connect laundry and dry cleaning services with customers across the world.

Who do you partner with?

We partner with a wide range of people ranging from entrepreneurs wanting to replicate the Laundrapp model through to enormous established laundry and dry cleaning franchises. The partnership is a joint venture i.e. we provide the technology under license then we work together to build the market with our local partners using all of the best practises and learnings from our core UK operation.

Laundrapp global expansion

Why license outside the UK rather than open there?

Having operated the UK business which quickly expanded to over 100 towns and cities across the UK, we recognised how much work it is to operate such a business at semi-national level. We recognise that quality of service is paramount and given the speed at which this industry is now transforming thanks to digital, we decided the best way to grow the business internationally would be through partnership. In short global partnerships leveraging our learnings, best practises and most importantly our world beating technology.

What about your competitors?

Our biggest competitor is the home washing machine. Our mantra is that we want to “Take War to the Washing Machine” meaning our goal is to change consumer habit and behaviour around consumer laundry. This won’t be easy and it certainly won’t be quick however slowly we’re seeing signs of people changing their habits and using services such as Laundrapp much in the same way Deliveroo or Uber grew and equally disrupted consumer habit around their respective markets. The smartphone has become a remote control for our lives, laundry I believe is the next service to be revolutionised by the digital opportunity.

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What can we expect from Laundrapp over the next year or so?

The major focus now is global expansion. We’ve proved our business model here in the UK and now it’s finally the right time to tackle the international opportunity as recently announced. Beyond this, the war continues against the washing machine! Changing consumer habit and behaviour isn’t easy however we’re off to a great start! We do have one or two other big announcements, but these will need to wait for another day, watch this space! Until then, we’ve got the laundry to do!

You can find more information on Laundrapp’s international expansion and Powered by Laundrapp initiative at