Laundrapp CEO becomes Undercover Boss

As a CEO of one of the UK’s most exciting and fastest growing start-ups I know that putting customers at the heart of our business is critical to the ongoing success of Laundrapp. Many companies say they are customer focused, but how many truly are? How many CEO’s pick up the customer service headset? How many take to the tills? How many join the frontline teams that fill the invaluable roles that actually allow their businesses to operate and thrive? Well I do!

Earlier this month, I made the decision to don the Laundrapp shirt and become a Laundrapp Agent for a day so I could experience our service through new eyes – those of the customer! I wore the Laundrapp shirt with pride and spent a full day collecting and delivering orders across North London.

This wasn’t a one-off or PR gimmick either; I’ll spend a day as a Laundrapp Agent every month from now on. I feel as the leader of a business such as Laundrapp it’s my role to both understand and empower the individuals that make a business such as Laundrapp work. This time I was also joined by our CTO, Nick Bransby-Williams – but in the future I’ll be bringing others with me too!

CTO Nick Bransby-Williams and CEO Ed Relf delivering orders in North #London today! #UndercoverBoss

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So, how did my first day as a Laundrapp Agent go? Simply put it was a great day full of invaluable insights that will help us improve the service we provide to all customers. Creating the best possible service is vital for Laundrapp, because if we’re not delivering quality then that business can’t exist. It was great therefore to meet and interact with our customers and spend some time talking to them about how we can improve.

In addition to understanding how the service works for customers, I also saw how Laundrapp works for Agents too. I can honestly tell you that handling collections and deliveries across London is not an easy job. I have a newfound respect for the collection and delivery Agents that are the beating heart of the service Laundrapp provides; I take my hat off to you and thank you for the hard work and commitment you show every day.

CTO Nick Bransby-Williams guides us through a shortcut in #Castle Yard! #UndercoverBoss A photo posted by Laundrapp (@laundrapp) on

Ultimately, I found my experience as an Undercover Boss invaluable – and my advice to CEOs and senior executives is to join me in getting out there on the frontline. You have to experience the challenges, empower your teams and follow the customer journey if you’re to successfully resolve challenges. You don’t need to be part of a TV series to take the opportunity to get out there and you might even learn something, I certainly did.

Thanks again to all the customers I met along the way and if you’re reading this, who know’s, next time you place a Laundrapp order it could be me delivering it for you!