How to Use Lists to Stay Organised

Feeling overworked and overwrought? If you’ve got a lot of things on your mind it can make accomplishing anything a pain – and busy modern living means it’s all too easy to end up feeling stressed.

So, what should you do? Instead of letting everything overwhelm you, make a list to help tackle your tasks in an organised way. Making a list will force you to put the things you need to do in  in a sensible order so that you can deal with them one by one. It also helps you move from thinking into doing – and removes a lot of mental clutter while you’re at it.

Once you have your stress-busting list on you can start crossing them off one at the time. Trust us, there’s no better feeling than turning your To Do list turns into an Already Done list!

Good To Do lists are more nuanced than they seem, however. For example, you should list all your activities in order of priority because doing so forces you to recognise what’s truly important and what can wait for another day. Making sure you have your priorities straight is key to staying organisined – and staying organised is key to discovering more time to relax.

Well structured To Do lists also force you to do the hardest, most important task of the day first – even if you’d normally prefer to focus on other tasks or put things off until later. Willpower is like a muscle and like any muscle it can get tired, which is why it’s important to do the things you don’t want to do first, when your willpower is strongest.

Of course, relying on paper To Do lists is a very old fashioned notion – and can be troublesome if you’re forgetful or always on the go. That’s where organisation and productivity apps come in to their own, such as Google Keep,, Evernote and Wunderlist.

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