How To Look Good In Every Photo

taking a photo

There’s nothing more soul-destroying than getting caught looking terrible in a million photos – and add insult to injury because they’re plastered all over your FB feed – sigh.

Realistically we can’t always have decent lighting, and more often than not the angles are just dire. But, the most photogenic people aren’t necessarily the most attractive, they’re just not intimidated by the camera.

After much trial and error, we’ve gathered some quick tips so you can finally say goodbye to those irritating mug shots.

1. Banish the double chin

Sadly, it happens to the best of us. To avoid the appearance of a double chin in photographs, make sure the camera is just above eye level. Get familiar with your angles, tilting your head up and clenching your jaw slightly will help banish the dreaded double chin.

It’s cliche, but practice makes perfect – don’t over think it, the aim is to look natural.

2. Strike a pose

AKA cringe fest, honestly, the thought of posing in pictures gives me heart palpitations – to the point where I think my body has been taken over by a demonic power.

As a rule of thumb, please avoid cheesy poses, and stick to the basics.

If you pose for a full body shot, turn your body three-quarters of the way towards the camera – it’s not as harsh as staring at the camera straight on and keep that back straight with your shoulders back.

3. To smile or not to smile

That is the question! Do you flash those gnashers at the camera or do you smile with your eyes?

If you feel like you’re having to fake it then try a relaxed half smile, if not flash that beaming smile bright. Go with your gut!

4. Avoid red eye

The bane of all photos, especially when it happens to be a photo you can just about tolerate.

Red-eye is caused by light reflecting back off the eye – the larger your pupil the more it happens. An obvious one is to avoid looking directly into the camera, but also look to take pictures in brighter environments.

5. Fake it till you make it

You can’t buy confidence, and if you’re feeling crappy, chances are it will reflect in the photo. But we can all fake a feeling even if just momentarily. Just take a deep breath and pretend your JLO (because well..wouldn’t that be nice).

6. Blink no more

If you’re a serial blinker, close your eyes before the photo gets taken. Open them a few seconds before the shot and voila – although it’s not rocket science is it?

If you have trouble keeping your eyes open with flash, just ask the photographer to take a few photos.


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Words by Natalie Gomez