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How to Dress like Ron Burgundy this Halloween

Whether you need a fancy dress for Halloween or you just want to play jazz flute in the office, there’s no denying that everyone benefits from  a dash of Ron Burgundy’s style in their life – because if there’s one thing Ron Burgundy knows, it’s how to look good. From his luxuriously thick, salon-quality hair down to his premium loafers and feet sheets, Ron Burgundy always manages to look classy – both on and off the air.

So, how can you dress for success like Ron Burgundy? In our opinion it all starts with his trademark burgundy blazer. Of course, Ron Burgundy’s suits are all tailor-made by the finest craftsmen in the land – but we’ve pointed out all the key elements below so you can create a passable knock-off of your own.


how to dress like anchorman ron burgundy

How to Dress like Ron Burgundy

1 – Lapels

Notched, medium breadth lapels are essential for any professional Anchorman. Not only do they look good and help emphasise your strong, masculine jawline, but they also afford plenty of grip – which is essential for when the spotlight finds you and you need to strike a pose of trademark self-satisfaction. Remember: in a suit like this, you have every right to be satisfied with yourself.

2 – Breast Pocket

Pocket squares are for weathermen! A seasoned broadcasting veteran like Ron Burgundy knows the only thing you should keep in your breast pocket is a small hip flask of scotchy-scotch-scotch.

3 – Blazer

Want to know the exact colour of Ron Burgundy’s trademark blazer? The clue is in the name. Want to how he squeezes his tautly muscular and panther-like frame into such a svelte and luxurious jacket? It’s all in the tailoring. Burgundy’s suits are tailor-made to fit his exquisite frame like a sensual body glove.

4 – Buttons

A ladies man like Ron knows there’s always the chance he’ll have to remove his suit in a hurry – which is why he prefers single breasted jackets with understated gray buttons. His matching waistcoat is even simpler, with velcro strips that help him slip into something more comfortable in under ten seconds.

5 – Cuffs

Ron Burgundy is a man of action and never knows when he’ll next have to put up his dukes and do his bit to defend San Diego’s honor. His experience as a brawler – as well as a jazz flautist – have taught him the value of surgeon’s cuffs that can be rolled back whenever he needs to bring out the big guns.

Fine suits like those worn by Ron Burgundy can have a truly transformative effect on any man, but it’s the fine details that are key if you really want to make Sinatra look like a hobo. We recommend partnering your new second skin with a striped tie, some thick chest hair and a fine dusting of Sex Panther cologne.

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Written by Tom

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