How to Dress like Octodad this Halloween

You already know Laundrapp is a team built of app developers and dry cleaning know-it-alls, so it probably shouldn’t surprise you to know we have other slightly geeky insights too. We’re big fans of games like Octodad: Dadliest Catch especially – and not just because the titular character is so well dressed. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone because he is a perfectly ordinary human male.

He’s a perfectly ordinary male with a unique sense of style too. So, whether you need a geeky fancy dress this Halloween or something clever to wear to the Golden Joysticks afterparty, we’ve broken down the core elements of Octodad’s wardrobe. We can’t promise it will make you as flexible as the Dadliest Catch, but we can promise that nobody will suspect a thing!



How to Dress like Octodad

1 – Lapels

Favouring a notched and peaked lapel, Octodad is a octopus man who clearly prefers to keep it simple when it comes to his suit. The lapel doesn’t contrast the material of his vest at all and there’s no button hole or lapel decoration at all. Not even a piece of coral.

2 – Breast Pocket

Pocket squares are for land mammals! And yet, despite that, the completely ordinary man known as Octodad has eschewed tradition and convention to create a bold, striking and unique look that doesn’t feature a breast pocket at all – just the wave-like blue of the suit vest.

3 – Jacket

Octodad’s custom-tailored suit has plenty of wriggle-room despite his incredibly slim build. We’d usually recommend people with a frame as slight as Octodad’s opt for a slim-fit jacket, but we’d definitely rate Octodad’s unusual tailoring (which seems to include extra sleeves within the vest) a 9/10.

4 – Buttons

Octodad is a busy man – he doesn’t have time to spend fiddling with buttons, which are clearly too cumbersome for his perfectly ordinary fingers. Instead, he’s opted to keep his jacket closed through the use of suction cups. It may be strange, but it creates a great look!

5 – Cuffs

Never one to care for what fashion bloggers think, Octodad’s trademark look does away with the usual rule of showing a centimetre of shirt cuff. Instead, he wears a short-sleeve shirt under his jacket and lets his…appendages…wriggle around unfettered!

Beyond the suit – which Octodad always keeps in pristine, just dry cleaned condition – a key part of Octodad’s look his wacky selection of colourful ties. Red, Green, Rainbow, there’s so many different options to choose from!

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