How Robots are Making Life Easier for Everyone 

Robots may have had a massive impact on large-scale industry, but so far robots have played quite a modest role in our everyday household life. But this might be changing.

Automatic lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners have already become mainstream in our everyday lives, and may soon be followed by even more helpful robot friends. At a time where one of our biggest concerns is how to have more time and less stress, robots may prove to be valuable time management allies.

Here are three devices which may one day become as mainstream as microwave ovens and dishwashers. We should probably have a good decade or so to enjoy their services before they find humanity redundant and starts taking over the world.

budgee-sq Budgee

Budgee from 5 Elements Robotics is a helpful robot to carry your things so you don´t have to. It can be used to help elderly or otherwise infirmed users to shift heavy loads around their home – or just to carry your shopping. It comes with a transmitter that you carry around and which pairs with the robot. Once activated, the robot follows you wherever you go.

grill-sqThe Grillbot

The Grillbot is a specialised robot to relieve you of the boring task of cleaning your grill. It works similarly to an automatic floor cleaner, leaving you free to crack another beer open and join the party. Everyone knows it´s fun to party but boring to clean up the mess – so Grillbot could find a nice summertime niche for BBQs.


Jibo is the closest thing to having your own R2D2 – a legless, armless, personal assistant which communicates with you using movement and built-in speakers. Jibo is able to learn your habits and preferences and adapt on its own. It can even read and act out your kids’ favorite bedtime stories – making it the ideal robotic companion for families.

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