HomeTouch: The Challenge of Self-care in Old Age

Laundrapp is proud to be partnering with HomeTouch, an online platform that helps elderly people and their relatives find their perfect carer

Growing old is tiring. A full life lived with loved ones to raise and look after, plus a lifetime of experience to carry around, all takes its toll. As your loved ones age, they can find it increasingly difficult to carry out tasks that they once found simple.

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Staying clean and presentable is necessary for so much more than hygiene. How we look on the outside affects our self-esteem, our sense of self-worth, and the way we’re perceived by others.

Your loved one deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, especially in their twilight years. But keeping a clean and presentable wardrobe can be a challenge, requiring a range of surprisingly complex cognitive skills.

There can be a number of reasons for your loved one to start neglecting their outward appearance, some of which include:


As your loved one ages, they watch their family grow and move away, making them feel unnecessary, which can be made worse by the fact that they feel increasingly unstable in their bodies. They need help, but with their age and wisdom and previous independence it can be devastating for them to admit it.


It might not be the case, but loss of memory and increasing confusion can lead your loved one to simply lose track of when they last did things. This can include laundry and changing clothes. Depression and dementia go hand-in-hand, so it is possible that one could be compounding the other.

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Loss of control

As you take more and more responsibility for your elderly relative, they can start to feel like you’re interfering, and try to take control where they can. This can include refusing to bathe and change their clothes. It’s the small things that they can hold on to that can become the major sticking points.

Loss of sense

As we age our senses dull. This means that your elderly relative might not be able to smell their unwashed clothes, or see the various stains down the front of their cardigan.


Time races by. Christmas creeps up on us in a way that we could never understand as children, and before you know it it’s another new year. On a weekly basis, weekends come and go and Mondays can appear to outnumber every other day in the week. However, for your elderly relative there are no weekends, a Saturday is much like a Tuesday, which is just like a Friday. Days can run together until they’ve lost track of when they’ve done things and how much time has passed since they last did the laundry, or washed.

HomeTouch professionals are passionate about helping the elderly to age with dignity and respect in the comfort of their own homes. They do this in a number of ways. Firstly, by helping you to find the right private carer for you and your loved one, at a cost you can afford. Secondly, by partnering with companies like Laundrapp that provides:

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✓ Free laundry pick-up

✓ Full cleaning and dry cleaning service

✓ Free delivery of your cleaned, ironed, and packaged clothes at a pre-agreed time

✓ Peace of mind that your elderly relative is no longer having to bend over washing machines and tumble-dryers, stretch to reach washing lines, or handle hot irons

Retirement is about much more than laundry, but getting the laundry done is still important.

This article is with thanks to HomeTouch, an online service that helps families find high quality, affordable care for their loved ones! For more information, visit HomeTouch website. Use the company’s generous offer to receive 2 hours of free care + free consultation