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Here are your grandkids’ chores in 2050

In 2050, it’s been widely predicted by leading scientists that robots will, actually, come in quite handy, ridding your lucky grandkids of ALL the chores you’ve grown up resenting. And then some.

According to futurologist (or futurist (yes, these are actual things)), Dr Ian Pearson, by the year 2050, super-intelligent robots will be able to hoover, wash clothes and clean houses.

2017’s already seen the demo release of domestic robots such as Laundroid and FoldiMate, with plenty of hoovering options, such as Roomba, before them.

But hey, the future’s never crystal clear. I mean, many were certain our society would be living amongst all of this by the year 2000 – yet, here I am, still lying about mopping floors.

So, we’ve also done a little research on an alternative future – where apps alone have taken over.

Ultimately, we’ll let you decide the outcome.

The Seven Dreamers Laboratories Inc. Laundroid robot prototype stands at the company's headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, on Monday, Nov. 21, 2016. Seven Dreamers' chief executive officer Shin Sakane received 6 billion yen ($53 million) from partners, including Panasonic Corp., last month to advance "the Laundroid" -- a robot he is developing to not only wash and dry garments, but also sort, fold and neatly arrange them. Photographer: Akio Kon/Bloomberg

We meet again, Laundroid.

Possibility 1 – Robot Chores

Dr Pearson: “Miniature robot cleaners are likely to be waiting until rooms are empty and then scurry around picking up small objects.” (FYI, Pearson runs his own company called Futurizon, which specialises in predicting how our lifestyles will develop.)

No longer will people be tidying up before leaving the house in the morning, ‘Terrands’ (or whatever they’ll end up calling it) will store everything back in place and leave your grandkids chore-free by the time they’re home from work.

Their AI (artificial intelligence) kitchen maid, ‘Sophi’, will have scrubbed all the lasagne-stained dishes from the night before and will have, quite possibly, turned the very limited ingredients in the fridge into a superb gourmet meal for one.

And hey, no need to worry about forgetting to fill up on petrol on the way home – cars are electric, and it can find its own way to the ‘power station’ thank you very much.

Right, now – want to wear the same outfit tomorrow and looking for a quick way to freshen up garments? Well, the electronics giant, LG, are already testing their new ‘Styler’ – a fridge-like wardrobe that uses TrueSteam technology (hot steam spray) to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria on your clothes. So Terrands and Sophi can take a few minutes off.

Although, if life’s anything like how iRobot predicted 2035 to be, they’ll be doing a lot more than just picking up small objects. They’ll probably have social lives, leaving us at home to pick up the pieces, FFS. (middle ‘f’ is future, FYI)

If life is destined to go down this route, we predict your grandkids’ ONLY chores will be domestic robot maintenance.

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Possibility 2 – Planet of the Apps

However, say AI hasn’t panned out the way we wanted; it could be for the reason Stephen Hawking, world-renowned physicist and cosmologist, last year stated, which were along the lines of robots evolving faster than humans and their goals becoming unpredictable.

This would mean turning solely to app technologies. Are we referring to a Laundrappocalypse? Not quite (maybe).

But Apple reports that around 2,000 apps are uploaded to the App Store every day; many of them now addressing needs that hadn’t before been catered for (e.g. Uber, Deliveroo, Laundrapp).

So, fast-forward 33 years. What next?

One remote to control them all? Well, we’re already in the age of NEEO, a gadget controlling all devices in your home (with a database of up to 30,000 devices).

To this day, there’s already coffee machines that have prepared your morning coffee before you’ve even trudged downstairs.

Chinese brand Haier has already built a TV that can be controlled by – wait for it… a person’s eyes. Change channels at the flick of an eyelid.

By 2050, Laundrapp may have just teamed up with an electronics brand to bring our service into your home, not just to your doorstep, by creating a self-refreshing and self-making bed!

All at the tap of a button.

That being said and before my imagination runs wilder, it brings to the conclusion that, just like in possibility one, the ONLY household chores your offspring’s offspring will be plagued with in the age of apps is simply tech maintenance.

But what do you think?

Written by Angela Freeth

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