Here are your grandkids’ chores in 2050

In 2050, it’s been widely predicted by leading scientists that robots will, actually, come in quite handy, ridding your lucky grandkids of ALL the chores you’ve grown up resenting. And then some.

According to futurologist (or futurist (yes, these are actual things)), Dr Ian Pearson, by the year 2050, super-intelligent robots will be able to hoover, wash clothes and clean houses.

2017’s already seen the demo release of domestic robots such as Laundroid and FoldiMate, with plenty of hoovering options, such as Roomba, before them.

But hey, the future’s never crystal clear. I mean, many were certain our society would be living amongst all of this by the year 2000 – yet, here I am, still lying about mopping floors.

So, we’ve also done a little research on an alternative future – where apps alone have taken over.

Ultimately, we’ll let you decide the outcome.