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We've made our rewards for sharing Laundrapp better than ever!


It’s not something you’ll hear a lot of people say with sincerity, but we really are passionate about improving the way you approach dry cleaning and laundry. It’s why we work so hard, why we collect and deliver for free – and why we’ve just made our ‘Give £5, Get £5’ more generous than ever.

Now, you can get £10 off dry cleaning and laundry when you share your unique referral code with a friend. They’ll get £10 off for using the code and, when they use it, you’ll get £10 for helping them out!

Why have we increased the offer? When we first started ‘Give £5, Get £5’ we were delighted to see how popular it became and how creative you were with making your own codes – and we want to see more of that.

So, whether your code is THREEPWOOD, HELPDEAN or EDRELF, download Laundrapp now for iPhone, iPad or Android and share it today on Twitter or Facebook!

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