Essential Apps for Airbnb and Housetrip hosts

Services such as Airbnb and Housetrip can be a great way to make money from otherwise empty properties, but a lot of people underestimate how much work it can be to manage the properties. Whether you’re just renting out your spare room or a whole holiday home, Airbnb can sometimes be a bit of a hassle.




Trello is a task management platform ideally suited to Airbnb hosts who manage multiple properties, as you can assign each location its own list and track tasks for each. Guests can be tracked as cards with their contact information, dates and any special requirements listed clearly.



calendar-icon Google Calendar

Simple, but effective. Guest coming to check in? Property needs cleaning? Laundry needs doing? Set a calendar event and configure a reminder on your phone that goes off hours or even days before, so you don’t have to stress.



laundrapp_icon Laundrapp

We’re the UK’s most popular dry cleaning and laundry service, but we’re not just here when you need your shirts pressing. We also handle bedding and laundry by weight. If you’re providing guests with bedding and don’t want to wash anyone else’s dirty sheets, why not let us take care of it for you?




An obvious choice if you’re looking to move your entire rental operation to your phone, the Airbnb app enables you to message guests, check itineraries, take booking and update your availability with ease. It’s the start and end point for making sure you get bookings and get paid.



Are you an Airbnb or Housetrip host in the UK? Find out how Laundrapp can help you manage your property more efficiently today!