Delivery Driver Goals ?

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I mean, yeah, you need technical road skill, speed and all that communication malarky, but what else goes into the fine art of weaving in and out of narrow city streets to beat traffic, beat time and beat your competitors in expertly delivering pizza, parcels or piles of clean laundry?

Ponder no more. Laundrapp, having been in the collection and delivery industry for some years now, has compiled extra (but just as important) boxes the company driver we want to attain, retain and nurture within Laundrapp, will tick. 

We’ve found possessing these four problem-solving values, in particular, are key to a highly-rated customer experience.

1. Improvisation under pressure

It’s 3:34pm – New Cross, Lewisham – Alejandrap van Drither has just delivered Ms. Carrie Micote’s power suit and three blouses, however, now he has a 4pm slot 23 minutes away (discounting rush-hour traffic) in Thornton Heath. And Mr. Hyde Gene needs those clean work polos in time for his 5pm shift, poor chap’s worn the same one for the past three nights, bless…

Thinking on their feet is the difference in making the occasional tight time slots.

But it’s not just about using initiative to anticipate whether original A-to-B routes need a plan C to beat rush-hour jams. Be proactive and check routes beforehand. Know a better, more logical route? Go for it!

It’s also fine to ask the customer if you can bring their slot forward to suit your route, but you need their permission first. ?

And customers can always track drivers through our live Uber-styled in-app tracking.

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Just go!

2. Own well-being

5:46pm, Peckham High St.: Nature’s called three miles away from Van Drither’s next delivery – 7pm for Ms. Ivana Tinkle.

No one should ever get scorned for taking a toilet/water/food break during their shifts. Don’t be work-obsessed, it’s more important to be conscientious of your own health, also helping your on-road concentration and focus. If you need a quick break, take one. 

3. That extra mile

7:22pm, Herne Hill: Mr. Cash Mears, on the 9th floor of his apartment block, is expecting his jumpers to be collected any moment now. An elevator malfunction means AVD’s deciding whether he should climb nine flights, or see if his customer can run down to collect…

Our drivers should always consider the values of each customer. These people have chosen to outsource their chores to Laundrapp because of its time-saving, stress-relieving convenience.

So, can we save them from stepping outside their doorstep? Hell yeah! ?

Are we conscientiously asking when separating their laundry/dry-cleaning pile in an Instant Order? You bet ya! ?

Will we give them a hand taking their clothes off? No! Stop this immediately! ?

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Don’t be this guy

4. Understanding

10:03pm, Camberwell: Exceptionally rare circumstances have left Van Drither running late for Mr. Matt Ress’ 9pm slot, and boy does he need those bed sheets. He’s rightfully irritated and lets his driver know about it.

Although the timing may have been out of our control, prioritising understanding and patience for someone who’s put their trust into the service are our drivers’ only intention.

It may even be the customers themselves who are running late for the delivery, we understand not everything will go to plan. But it’s how we deal with those circumstances that champion us! ?

Hey, you. Yeah, YOU. Reckon you have what it takes to become a Laundrapp driver? Apply here!