Death, Divorce and Moving Home…

Moving home is the 3rd most stressful event in life (following death and divorce)¹.

So, how to face the challenges of moving home and the problems arising after you have finally done this, and to get on top of them?

1. Leaving things behind

The challenge you face is to decide what to pack and to make sure you take everything you need.

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Don’t leave your pooch and kittens behind!?

An online estate agency poll² suggests that on an average of 1,000 movers, over half of them admitted they had left personal belongings behind in the rush to move out. These include pets: dogs, cats, and even, wait… horses and snakes! Alive – because you either forget about them, or they just run away as they’re stressed too. Also, dead beloved ones – buried in back gardens.

People leave behind stashed jewellery and cash, and nearly a fifth said they’d left behind more than £500 (!). Considering that most people move over 11 times in their lifetime³, you’re basically giving someone over five grand for free. Isn’t that just insane?!

Bicycles, phone chargers, vacuum cleaners, creepy letters to the future owners, and even swords… are also found in vacated premises.

Not to sound like your parent, the solution to this problem is simple – take care of your valuables. Making a checklist is definitely the way forward!

2. Out with the old

The more challenging task is to work out what to do with the stuff you have accumulated over the years in the home you are leaving and which you don’t have room for in your van.

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Ooh, how exciting – 10th pair of socks!My personal record?

Moving to your new home will be a nightmare if you don’t get rid of the clutter first. The best way to do this is the old fashioned way – sorting piles: things that are absolutely vital, and things that are junk. Answering these four questions about an item will help you decide:

-Do you love it?
-Do you use it often, or will you soon (within 3 months)?
-Will you miss it when it’s gone?
-Does it hold memories that are very important to you?

Remember clothes are an important part of decluttering. There are plenty of charity shops that would love the items that you are never going to wear again. Also, you can sell them on Gumtree or eBay.

And if you do spot a forgotten dusty item that you would still love to wear, and you ask yourself “Is there a dry cleaners and laundry service near me? And where is this dry cleaner and laundry near me?”, just remember that Laundrapp is always ready to lend a helping hand in getting it dry cleaned and looking better than ever.

gotbox, storage, setup
I’ll GotBox22 my stuff! No more catch-22 situations!?

Last but not least is getting your stuff stored with an on-demand tailor-made self-storage service everyone is talking about! Simply choose a number of boxes you require storage for and how long for, and let GotBox22 collect your stuff, store, and deliver it back to you when required. What’s more, Laundrapp customers are offered by GotBox22 a special 10% discount, just visit GotBox22 website and put it to good use.

3. In with the new

Getting rid of clutter is one thing but it’s even more stressful when you’re moving to a smaller house or apartment. As fun as it can be making a fort out of moving boxes, be wary of the trap that many people fall into of leaving it too long to unpack (remember the longer you leave it, the harder it will get).

Laundrapp blog post on moving home 4
And they lived happily ever after… until the next move?

Not to worry, there are thousands of quirky DIY hacks to help you unpack and optimise the space you have. Check out this interesting blog post on 8 DIY hacks on how to make an apartment more spacious on Fat Lama

All in all, moving home can be a stressful time – but it is also a great time to declutter your possessions and really build an amazing space to live in. Happy moving!

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Use this Lama for a reason!?

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¹ Employee Relocation Council
² PerfectAgent estate agency
³ U.S. Census Bureau

Words by Evgeny Loskutov