Being Nude Improves Your Mood!

If you thought bikinis left little to the imagination, well, now we’re celebrating #NationalNudeDay (and just a little promoting for better mental health). That’s right, take it off.

*Laundrapp driver takes your Wash-Fold, Dry Cleaning and the clothes off your back*

Did you know there are scientifically-proven health benefits of embracing your naked body? Positively affecting sleep, mood, skin, and D intake (vitamin, that is), as well as your self-image? It’s okay if you didn’t, just read our four feel-good reasons to go full commando.

naked, nationalnudeday
If a young JD can do it…

1. Better Sleep

First one’s easy. Not only will sleeping naked bring you closer to your partner, it aids a better night’s sleep. National Sleep Foundation say your body’s optimal sleeping temperature is around 19° Celsius, so probably a little cooler than what you’re currently snoozing at.

Lose the PJ’s, and not only will you sleep better, a 2014 diabetes study reckons you’ll also increase your levels of metabolism-boosting brown fat.

2. Healthy Skin

Bras, boxers and any other tight-fitted undergarments are prone to leaving indentations all over the body, causing dryness and wrinkling of the skin. Restrictive clothing can also cause sweating – leading to inflammation of skin follicles, rashes and breakouts.

Skincare expert Dr. Michael Florillo assures going naked “helps elimination of sweat toxins that clothing can reintroduce to the body and better overall blood circulation”.

nude, statue, nationalnudeday
Do you know your stark art?

3. Vitamin D/Mood

Look, we know it’s much harder to flaunt your birthday suit outdoors, we’re not forcing you. We’re just simply here to inform you that a vitamin D dose boosts your mood! And the direct light from the sun rather than alternative supplements are absorbed much more efficiently in your body.

If you’re lucky enough to get away with it, 15 minutes of natural sunlight in the nude is enough to lift your spirits for the day.

It’s also yet another way to improve blood circulation and detoxify the skin, according to sex educator Shaun Galanos.

(But 15 minutes is plenty – too much exposure can damage your skin)

4. Better Self-image

Looking to boost self-confidence? Creator of the ‘No More Diets’ app, Dr. Jenn Mann suggests people in today’s society are mentally disconnected from their bodies, however, those who spend more time nude tend to be more comfortable with themselves.

Particularly for women, he believes more stark time can help battle body image issues. “Spending time in the nude is a great way to get in touch with your body.

“You can work on self-acceptance and that can be very healing.”

So – how about this weekend, you leave all your clothes with Laundrapp, reaping the rewards of better sleep, better skin, better mood and a better self-image, eh?

(And if that’s not enough nakedness, here’s a #NationalNudeDay quiz on naked art)