Bravo, bra, bravo!

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It’s no secret that wearing clean and well looked after bra certainly gives a woman the extra boost of confidence. Or is it a secret?!

From the time it is believed a prototype of the corset was born as an undergarment in ancient Greece, to the time when the first rudimentary bra was created (constructed of wire and silk) in Britain in 1887, this garment has come a long way and deservedly gained its place in every woman’s wardrobe!

First, some interesting stats to consider:

1907 saw Vogue magazine first using the term “brassiere”

1911 is the year the word “brassiere” made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary

1930s marked the moment “brassiere” was shortened to “bra”

$16 billion USD is the amount of money women spend on this garment per annum worldwide!

1980s witnessed Madonna being the first to sport her famous cone bra corset, designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, as outerwear during her Blond Ambition World Tour, and $52,000 USD is the price it fetched in 2012 at the Christie’s Pop Culture auction in London

6 is the average number of times a woman changes bra size in her lifetime

9 is the average number of bras a woman owns

$2.5 million USD is the price tag on the stunning jewel-encrusted Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra worn by Miranda Kerr in 2011

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Nice shoulder pads


Did you know that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the WRONG bra size! To feel good in your bra, you’ve got to get the right fit, and it’s very individual for every woman. There are many sources on the internet on how to do just the above, but we believe that Attollo’s fitting guide can help you in your quest on finding the perfect fit.

Attollo is a new everyday luxury D+ lingerie brand launching this summer and taking reservations for their upcoming range, now! The story behind Attollo started 10 years ago, when its founders, Alice and Fleurette, became D+ for the first time, at age 14, and found that lingerie was segmented into A-D and D+ cup sizes, with the latter lacking in availability, style and uplift. Their own experience gave them an insatiable motivation to transform the lingerie experience for other D+ women.

Aged 20 and at sizes 28FF and 30GG, after exploring every new brand and finding that none provided the beautiful and well-fitting bras that they needed, they realised no one was going to sort out the D+ lingerie market for them unless they did themselves. In April 2013, during their second year at university, they decided to take the plunge and found Attollo, where their core focus is bras with a small band and large cup size. On the journey to setting up Attollo, both founders trained as bra fitters. At Attollo, the girls strongly believe that if you give a girl the right lingerie, she can conquer the world!


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Bras on average contain 30 components – and each one needs taking care of. In order to prolong the intimate relationship with your bras, remember these four essential rules:

1. Hand wash, hand wash, hand wash. Whenever you can, hand wash your bras rather than machine wash (after every 2-3 wears), but always remember to check the care label before washing

2. Use high-quality alcohol free detergents

3. Always hang bras to dry and never tumble dry your bra unless you plan on never wearing it again!

4. Avoid storing your bras in one drawer, buy a drawer with dividers instead to keep them organised and safe from damage.

This wikiHow-article explains the best ways to take care of your “bosom friends”.


You know (and dread) that moment when your favourite bra can no longer provide support to your breasts and back but you can extend its life by recycling it. There are many ways to recycle, and one of them is to plant some herbs or flowers in your old friends, so that they continue bringing joy to your heart (and tears to your eyes, perhaps?) Attollo work with Against Breast Cancer who recycle all old bras to aid further medical research.

A brarden!

Last but not least – you can always get your bras professionally cleaned by Laundrapp!