8 Last-Minute Father’s Day Hacks!

It’s that time of year again, your annual opportunity to show Dad just how much you appreciate all his bad jokes, his cheesy music (genes, which he’s passed down to you) and him freeing you from the odd sticky financial situation.

But we understand there’s usually less hysteria surrounding Father’s Day compared to Mother’s, so we forgive you for letting it slip your mind and leaving it late to organise a gift. Scour the web no further, young one, we’ve got the gist of the list you long for below…

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Ideal for holiday pools ??

1.  Tech gadget

Is your Dad a tech fiend? Does he like TV? Maybe he listens to music. ?

If any of the above applies, congratulations, you’ve got it easy. Why not finally give him the peace and quiet he’s longed for since your birth with noise-cancelling wireless headphones? Or if his time for tranquillity is bath time, JLB waterproof speakers will happily float amongst the bubbles whilst your Dad serenades ‘Summer of ’69’ before switching back to TalkSport every time people walk past the bathroom.

Maybe something to control his home without getting off the couch. 2017 has seen the rise of multiple types of smart thermostats, and you can control the temperature of your home, from your phone, for as little as £65.

“Mustang Sally..”

2.   Red Letter Days

You might not be able to buy him that 1965 Ford Mustang he always daydreamed of, but you can still provide the chance to drive one. You’ll find hundreds of offers on sports cars to sports events at Red Letter Days, Virgin Experience Days, and from voucher sites like Groupon. Without a fail, there’s a hobby for every single Dad out there, and a discount code waiting to be redeemed.

3.   Foodie

Food, glorious food.

If grub is the easiest path to your Father’s heart, Money Saving Expert boasts plenty of options for this weekend. A free three-course meal at Chiquito and a free steak from Beefeater are our picks of the bunch but have a gander for yourselves to find something suitable.

If you’re looking for something a little upmarket, the aforementioned Red Letter Days and Virgin Experience offer some quality dining at great value – such as a ‘Three-Course Champagne Celebration Dining at Marco Pierre White’s London Steakhouse Co. for Two’ at £99!

book, wilbur smith, father's day, gift
One of Smith’s most popular works.

4.   Books

Bios and memoirs from old school heroes are usually favourites at this time of year. If you’re lacking direction, it’s worth asking those closest to your Dad; your Mum, his siblings, friends etc. about figures he’s always looked up to.

Thomas Hauser’s ‘Muhammed Ali: His Life and Times’ might suffice, or perhaps even a gripping novel by Wilbur Smith. Of course, this area is more specific to taste, so know your Dad’s interests before you fish around the seemingly infinite shelves of Waterstones.

5.   Stylish Clothes

Again, before embarking on a trip to Burton, know your audience. It’s all good wanting to push your Pops into a new style direction but just buy something similar to what he’s already got – else it’ll spend years in that deep, way back, unchartered territory of his wardrobe.

But hey, maybe your Pops lives in that rare 3% who are super stylish, hipster and can pull off everything from a strong beard to some chunky Dr Martens – Father’s Day is sorted with one trip to The Idle Man. And you can enjoy 20% off by using code LAUNDRAPP20!* So, treat him to a nice summer shirt. ?

Can’t think of any garments to buy? Get his favourite items dry cleaned! We’ll even throw in £10 off with code SAVE10 to get you going!

vinyl, records
Though, you’ll find a pretty current selection in Urban Outfitters ?

6.   Vinyl Records

“Christ, the music you kids listen to these days, it’s not like it used to be. Real music that was. Beatles, Stones… Bananarama.”

One car-boot favourite that’s clawing on to withstand the test of time is a good ol’ dusty record player. I’d claim records have come back in fashion but, let’s face it, they’ll never go out.

Leave your dad to reminisce the good times by finding those gems he used to preach about. You can find a decent player for as little as £30, with classic pieces of vinyl fetching roughly £20.

gardening, father's day, chores
Take his sun hat and get digging. ☀️

7.   Do His Chores

Whether he’s getting dirty in the garage, keeping the garden plants intact or he’s in charge of the washing and ironing – remind him it’s his day off and take the weight off his hands. (Hey, if it’s the latter, just remember Laundrapp will take the load off both of your hands).

But in general, make the big man feel like the king of the household he claims to be!

8.   Time

We wrote a Mother’s Day article in March and we think the most important thing you can invest into for your parents is time. For all that he’s taught you, all the miles he drove you about when you were younger and we could go on. Show some love and give him all your attention for the day.

Perhaps a spot of fishing? A pub in the countryside? Let him beat you at 8-ball pool? It can even be sitting beside him watching the US Open golf or any of his favourite programmes this weekend.

They might not show it, but nothing warms Dads’ hearts up quite like spending time with their kids.

…Also, socks. They love socks.

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Valid from 14th June – 28th June 2017*