6 Laundry Hacks for drying your clothes

Need to dry your clothes quicker? Then look no further..


Tired of hanging clothes on your staircase banister or draping pants on all the chairs in your house?

It can be a pain to dry clothes in a flat, especially since precious few of us have room for a washing line.

Don’t worry though – we’ve got six fantastic laundry day lifehacks that will get your clothes drying faster and without causing as much damage to the fabric as the usual methods…

1. If you’re hanging your clothes out on a clothes horse, make sure you put your small items on the bottom, and bigger things on the top. This isn’t a question of size – it’s about airflow. Give everything as much space as possible on your rack to get them to dry the quickest.

2. Once you’ve taken your clothes out of the washing machine, shake them out before putting them out to dry. This is particularly important with jeans, as the material can become stiff during the drying process and making it harder to get them back into shape once they’re dry

3. Preferably hang your clothes somewhere with a breeze, for example a clothesline in a garden. This works well for almost all materials, as the breeze dries them quickly and gently. This isn’t the best idea for wool however, as the weight of the wool itself and the water that remains after washing can stretch the material if it’s hanging up. Don’t worry too much if you’ve done this though – you can just read our post about how to un-shrink your clothes! Wool should be laid flat to dry; it will take longer, but you’ll keep your lovely winter jumper intact.

4. Hang items at their full length. If you’ve done a load of shirts, summer dresses or trousers, it’s best to hang these up on hangers for 2 reasons. Firstly, they’ll dry quicker than if they are on a clothes horse. Secondly, creases that would normally be caused by the position of the clothing on a dryer will just fall out, making them easier to iron and saving you a bunch of time for other fun stuff.

5. Don’t put on radiators – “But why?” we hear you asking. “Doesn’t it dry clothes a lot more quickly?” This is true, but it’s also the problem. Exposing your clothes to that much direct heat, although an efficient drying method, can damage your clothes over time as the fibres can weaken. It can also cause problems in terms of the humidity it creates in the room. This can lead to more serious problems for your home, such as damp and mould.

6. Hang clothes as quickly as possible; don’t leave them in the washing machine. Leaving your damp clothes in the washing machine for more than an hour or so can start to create that unpleasant damp smell. Beyond this point, even when dry your clothes will still hold on to that lingering odour. Wherever you put your clothes, do it straight away or as quickly as possible. This will stop so many things from becoming a problem, such as creasing, stiff jeans and of course, having to wash your clothes again just to get rid of the smell.

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