5 worthwhile activities parents should hire a babysitter for

To help you make great use of your new-found free time, we asked our friends at bubble to share five activities that were definitely worth hiring a sitter for. Here’s what they said:

1. Take in some culture

People tend to instinctively think that babysitters are just for the evenings, but more bubble users are booking them during the day. While enjoying a night out without the kids can be fun occasionally, hiring a sitter for the day will allow you to enjoy activities that can only be enjoyed during business hours, such as visiting a museum, art gallery, or somewhere else the kids might class as boring. So, book in some daytime cover and enjoy a spot of culture without the children.

2. Head to the gym

Though organising the lives of your children may seem like a workout, it’s still important to get regular exercise. That’s why many parents on bubble regularly book in sitters so that they can get to their yoga or spinning classes or just hit the gym. With quick and easy booking on offer, it’s now easier than ever to keep to your fitness schedule and ensure your membership fee isn’t going to waste.

3. See friends

While it’s true that raising children adds a healthy dose of responsibility to your life, that doesn’t mean that you have to abandon all social activities with your friends. With the convenience of a babysitter at your fingertips, you can still make time to see the important people in your life, whether you’re enjoying a spot of dinner together or heading to the cinema to see a film that’s a little more mature.

4. Spend quality time together

Being a great parent can often feel like it takes up all of your day, but it’s still important that you make the time to nurture your relationship with your significant other, so you can continue providing a strong foundation for the kids. Use the time afforded by a babysitter to go out and do something together; have a proper conversation over dinner, attend a concert, or do something you enjoyed together before the little ones came along. Small, stolen moments like this can ease tensions in your relationship.

5. Try something new

When the kids are on the scene, it can be a challenge to stick to a routine, never mind trying something new. However, with the power of a trusted sitter, you can create the space in your schedule to try out that hobby or activity you always wanted to get into with complete freedom. Whether it’s to take a dance class, learn pilates, or a new language, be sure to savour that fresh feeling of having a go at something for the first time and get ready to start learning.

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