5 Tips To Survive The Office Christmas Party

Christmas party

The office Christmas party is a great chance to unwind, get to know your colleagues better and enjoy a few drinks.

Of course, every office will have its own folklore: hookups, cringeworthy dance moves and dramatic confrontations. 

Hopefully, none of this applies to you, but if it does then you’ve got to turn it around this year. You can survive the party season, have buckets of fun, all without making a mess of yourself. Just follow these 6 simple steps and you’ll breeze through.

1. Pace yourself

Christmas office party

We know, you want to be the life and soul of the party but that’s not going to work in your favour when you’ve got your head in the toilet before 7pm. There’s a fine line between being merry and being an embarrassment. 

The night is young, so there’s no rush. Try to stick to the same drinks, because once you start mixing you know you’re heading for trouble. And hopefully it goes without saying but remember to hydrate, have water and soft drinks in between rounds. It will lessen the hangover but will keep you feeling fresh during the night.

2. Work BFF

It’s always nice to know someone has your back and vice-versa if things get a little our of control.

3. Food glorious food


Also known as the secret party killer. Eat too much and you’ll be suffering from bloating and meat sweats, but to little and you’ll be wasted before dessert arrives.

4. Mingle

You might not know everyone well, but it’s important to mingle with everyone outside your department. Avoid talking about work, don’t badmouth anyone and under no circumstances start hampering on about that pay raise you deserve.

5. Social media lockdown


If you do social media for a living, then you’ll know this is probably the most important. It’s nice to share the occasional photo but anything past 8pm is a no-go. Alcohol makes for idle hands so shut those social media accounts to avoid any awkward conversations the next morning.

6. Stay safe

Once the last drop of wine is gone, it’s time to call it a night. Try booking a taxi in advance or stay with your colleagues. As long as you had fun and got in ok, it would have all been worthwhile.

There you have it folks, 6 quick tips to ensure your christmas party goes on without a hitch – well, at least for you. If you’re feeling the Christmas cheer, you’ll love our pick of the wackiest Christmas jumpers for 2016.

Words by Natalie Gomez