5 things to buy with a £5 Amazon voucher

Amazon voucher referral giveaway

So, you’ve used the Laundrapp referral offer and received a £5 Amazon gift card?

Now, how to put it to good use?! Don’t let the value of your £5 Amazon gift card diminish your win!

If you need a gift for someone who’s been a bit unhappy recently and you just want to cheer them up, or if you are going to your colleague’s leaving do and you want to give them something as a symbolic token of appreciation of your work relationship, or even if you want it just for someone you don’t necessarily want to spend money on (read: someone you do not like that much)? Whatever the case, Amazon has some interesting $5 gifts for you to choose from!

If you happen to fall in love with their gift, you could either keep it (CHEEKY!) or buy it for yourself later, just add them to your Amazon wishlist. And remember, shop for fun, really!

1. Rainbow Emoji Poo Shape Cushion

Get a soft and comfortable Rainbow Emoji Poo Shape Cushion to be used as a pillow or purely as a plush toy.


2. Sunkissed beauty set

Summer is a few months away, but why wait? Get yourself bronzed up using this Mini Bronze Compact from Sunkissed for less than a fiver! Plus its RRP is £8, so you’d get a good deal on this product!

Sunkissed set BLOG SIZE

3. Minecraft Zombie Book

You can start collecting your Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Books with the first one: A Scare of A Dare: Volume 1!

minecraft diary BLOG SIZE

4. Pokémon GO Dragonite

Buy one of the great Pokémon GO characters – Dragonite soft toy – and make your Pokémon GO buddies go acid green with envy!

dragonite BLOG SIZE

5. Grow-A-Boyfriend kit

Have a single friend who has a great sense of humour? Then the Grow-A-Boyfriend kit is what they need! Plus, you wouldn’t be deemed as insensitive to your friend by others!

Don’t forget to tell your friend that all they need to do to see it grow up to 4-6 times is add water, or beer/wine/insert any other alcoholic beverage they use to drown their sorrows in, or even tears (for that matter)!

Grow-A-Boyfriend kit BLOG SIZE

These are some of our favourite gift ideas but there are thousands products on Amazon you can spend your £5 gift card on!

Obviously, if you’ve been gifted by Laundrapp with a £50 Amazon voucher, there’s even bigger choice! For instance, if you have a budget but you’ve been wanting to buy the Amazon Echo for ages, use it towards your purchase. Check out our 5 things to do with the Amazon Echo blog post on some of the Amazon Echo features.

amazon echo BLOG SIZE


Words by Evgeny Loskutov