5 Cleaning hacks for the lazy

Want to know the tricks the cleaning experts use at home to keep things spic and span? 


Nobody likes cleaning – but it’s one of those thankless tasks we all have to do now and then. Thankfully, ‘now and then’ comes around a lot less often if you plan ahead and work smart, not hard. Here are our top 5 hacks to an easier way of living:

1. Line your grill pan with kitchen foil – whatever you happen to be making; there is always some mess afterwards. From toast to bacon, something inevitably drips onto the grill pan. Instead of standing there over your sink scrubbing away at these drying spillages, simply put a layer of foil down before your start grilling. Once you’re done – simply remove and replace.

2. Line the shelves in the fridge – We’re sure you’ve knocked something over at least once in the fridge. These leakages seem to get into every tiny bit of the shelf and can be a right pain to clean. Try putting down a layer sticky-top sandwich bags cut down the sides. Should you have any leaks or spills, just remove it with the layer of plastic underneath. For a more eco friendly approach – plastic place mats also work.

3. Clean the microwave with water – This is no one’s favourite job. A lot of the time there are stains on the inside that you didn’t even know about, and now they’re dry you’ll have to spend ages scraping them off. Don’t fancy that? Ok then. Just pop a mug or bowl of warm water into the microwave and turn it on for 2 minutes or so. Then remove and wipe away those pesky stains. It’s that easy.

4. Halve an onion to get rid of bad smells – This sounds counterproductive, but it works surprisingly well. Seriously. Place a halved onion anywhere in a smelly room, leave it overnight and you’ll come back to one remarkably fresh smelling room. This works particularly well in rooms with a musty or damp smell, such as a basement.

5. Clean a keyboard with a post-in note – Getting the crumbs out of your keyboard has never been easier than this. Once you’re done with a post-it, don’t bin it. Instead, run the sticky edge along a row of keys to get the dust and crumbs out. If you do this every time you use one, you’ll never have to think about cleaning your keyboard again!

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