Just 19 cats and dogs doing chores

It’s 2017, there are cats and dogs doing chores too now, guys, get with it. And as you should already know, August is the international month for both cats and dogs (or dogs and cats (hey, we’re not biased)). The sophisticated purrers go first on August 8th, before they’re joined by v, v good barkers on the 26th.

So what better way to celebrate than the finest gallery of your favourite children doing laundry, eh?

Let us commence…


1. Is laundry consuming you?

cat wrapped in towel, laundry day

2. This one’s given up…

tiny, dog, cute, laundry

3. And these two are fighting about whose turn it is

laundry day, ginger cats

4. Doggo gets it!

dog doing laundry, guide dog, laundry day

5. Stock(itten)ing fillers

tiny kittens in sicks, laundry day

6. No animals in this one, just two towels

towel, dog

7. “Never get any damn help around here.”

laundry day, cat chores

8. …”I’ll help you”

little, dog, slipper

9. Dear Diary: The year is 2089 and dogs have evolved into 43s out of 10 – we’re doomed

laundry day, curious cat

10. Laundrapp provides this service.

dogs in a basket, laundry basket

11. “All good in here, boss”

washing machine cat, laundry day

12. Modern-day 17/10 v good boy

dog doing laundry, good boy, laundry day

13. ?

cute cat, laundry basket

14. “Sure you’ve checked your pockets, yeah? Once it’s in, it’s in…”

dog, washing machine

15. ??

cute cats, cats snoozing, laundry day


16. This one looks way too human

dog, gail platt

17. Is this really seizing the day?

cat chores, laundry day

18. For all the laundry sniffers out there

dog, underwear

19. Defeated.

cat defeated, laundry day