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13 Things Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe

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With each season bringing in new trends, it’s hard to stay on top of fashion.

You can leave all the faff at the door, because you only need a handful of essentials to stay ahead of the game. We’ve picked 13 must-haves that will be the building blocks of your personal style, and lay the foundation of any successful wardrobe.

1. Wayfarers

The frames that suit every face, Wayfarers should be the foundation of your sunglasses collection. 

If your wardrobe is quite simple or monochrome toned, accessories are subtle way to inject some life into an outfit – so go wild with the endless colours/patterns available.

2. Grey crewneck jumper

Easy to layer for when it’s not cold enough for a jacket but too cold for one layer. Plus, if all else, grey jumpers are always a win-win.

3. Denim Jacket

denim jacket

Denim jackets are an underrated wardrobe staple, and they’re actually easier to wear than you think. 

Style it over a sweatshirt or a plain t-shirt, and even under an unlined blazer. It’s a casual look, but you can’t go wrong.

4. The trench coat

There’s just something rather dapper about a man who can pull off a trench coat. Perfect for autumn through to spring. Incredibly functional and keeps you warm when the weather picks up.

5. White trainers

You can’t go wrong with a pair of white trainers. Ideal for casual work attire and comfy enough for weekends. You’ll know you’ve cracked a good pair of white trainers when the colour starts to lose the brightness. 

6. Cardigan

 Add a little more style to a casual outfit with a cardigan, but it can also add a suaveness to a shirt and chino combo.

7. The everyday bag

the everyday bag

Perfect for the on-the-go-guy. Get something sturdy but something with a statement.

8. A watch

Lets face it, nothing says you’re put together more than a watch. At least you’ll still know the time when your phone runs out of battery.

9. Joggers

Being stylish takes its toll and after a long day, there is nothing more relieving than slipping into some comfy joggers. And, joggers are no longer a sign of laziness, a slim pair will work as your new go-to weekend look

10. Lace-up shoes

Women notice shoes, in fact, if you don’t pull it off it can often be a turn-off. Invest in an in-between formal-casual pair of brown lace-up shoes and you’ll have all the ladies swooning (well hopefully). 

11. Tailored suit

cute guy

There’s nothing more stylish than a tailored suit, it oozes confidence, especially when you can tell a guy feels great. Make sure you get it tailored and keep it in tip top condition. If you wear a suit to work or if you don’t, every man needs a good suit in his wardrobe.

12. Chinos

The alternative to jeans that work in summer or winter. Pair with a shirt, jacket and loafers and you’re all set. Chinos are so versatile that you can develop your own style with it.

13. Classic tee

We couldn’t forget to mention basic t-shirts, aka a man’s best friend. Have plenty stacked in your wardrobe, but have a good balance of cheaper and more priced tops.

Now you can tick off the essentials, make sure you know how to look after your suit with our tips and tricks.

Words by Natalie Gomez

Written by Tom

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